How to change Microsoft Account to Local Account in Windows 10


  1. Lavish, this laptop is my husband’s [Windows 10 Home Edition – default user “Owner”] but when I logged in to my Microsoft email etc, it hijacked his Owner account!. It replaced his Owner profile with my posted my MS profile picture as well as his default/admin user status to a local/standard user status. I had called in for support and they remotely changed the user login info back to “Owner” with his password etc, instead of my login info…which seemed good enough at the time [I felt that the account was reverted back] but later I realized the lost admin credentials and I don’t even have the Computer Management [local and group users] menu. I can’t pull it up when using RUN either. No work around at all. So, this explanation of your to change is basically what the support chat guy did, but how do you regain the administration rights, as well, without having to reinstall Windows?

  2. Changing my Windows Login account to a local account caused me nothing but ISSUES. Maybe they’ve fixed this by now.. but it screwed my permissions and couldn’t access certain files, let alone trying to connect other computers to shared drives. Since then I choose one of each and let them be.

  3. I have the same problem with the admin account being hijacked by my son’s Microsoft account. Any ideas how to restore the original account back to a local account with admin rights rather than creating another account?

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