Turn Off Language Bar or Input Indicator in Windows 10


  1. u know what i though i must be hacked because i did what u said and i can see input indicator added again to task bar but i can see it as a empty place when i click on it it wont do anything 🙁

  2. every time i turn my pc on, it comes back on the taskbar. it just will not stay gone 🙁 i dont think you was hacked, its just MS being its usual dictator self telling us what we can and cant do with out own PC’s

  3. Excellent thread! Worked a charm and finally that silly language indicator is gone. Windows should leave some things alone. Was perfectly fine in Win 7/8. Anywho.. Thanks again!

  4. All fine and well except today (May 2018), the Win 10 Control Panel no longer has the Language Aplet available for selection. Perhaps you could get someone to update this article so that it is compatibgle with latest versions of Windows?

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