Restore: Language Bar missing in Windows 10


  1. Thanks But
    Like you’ve said, theres something different in windows 8, and you can just click that thing and the settings just pop up
    Mine was disappeared and when I “restore” it, it became the older version of language bar like it was in XP,
    do you have any solutions for this? Thanks

  2. thank you,but still there is a problem i cant solve. i did all the things but after restart i just have the language bar for 1 Sec and then it disappeared again .now i select floating on desktop to see my keyboard languages to have them but can you help me have it on taskbar again? i dont know why it disappeared.i have Windows 8.1 .

  3. I have no Microsoft credentials whatsoever, but can tell you that the proposed Regedit solution doesn’t work for Win 8.1. What does work, however, is to instead create a string at the same location in regedit.exe (“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” -> “SOFTWARE” -> “Microsoft” -> “Windows” -> “CurrentVersion” -> “Run”) with the data value set to ‘”ctfmon”=”CTFMON.EXE”‘ (including the two pairs of quotes). Name it whatever you want, exit Regedit, restart the computer, and voila, hours of frustration finally finds its master. The Spaghetti Monster blesses you!

  4. Oh well, apparently, I was wrong in saying that the solution of the article hasn’t helped some people. Sorry. However, for those of you still struggling, hopefully my posting will help.

  5. WTF? – the title of this post is “Restore: Language Bar missing in Windows 10″…but your instructions are for Windows 7.

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