Prevent or avoid being spied on by the Government


  1. Most of those recommendations are pointless, though, right?? For example:

    -“Install the latest updates for your operating system as well as ensure that all your installed software are updated to their latest versions.” — Assuming the OS maker isn’t in cahoots with the gov’t.

    -“Use a good Antivirus software or an Internet Security Suite.” — Assuming the AV maker isn’t in cahoots with the gov’t, such as whitelisting the special spyware.

    -“Only download apps from safe software download sites or authorized and legitimate stores like the Windows Store, iTunes or Google Play.” — Assuming said sites aren’t in cahoots with the gov’t, using valid looking apps to hide the special spyware.

    Etc. lol

  2. Protect yourself from your government’s East German Stasi like creeps and government pedophiles who video and record you or your family naked or otherwise through smart devices connected to the internet in your home and bedrooms. Nothing creepy right?

    When you turn off your TV and they turn it back on, they are also stealing your electricity to make these films to “home invade” and profile you. The creepy government who are not whom they claim to be, are recording and making films and creating their own version of ‘Reality TV’ from you. These films like in Adolf Hitlers time, make it to rich and powerful men who sit around and j o to them?

    Pretty ladies…your targets of bully cops and out of control government scum who want to see you naked.

    Business men and woman these images or audio will be used to extort you down the road if need be. Again, this isn’t the government your Grand Dad had, its now the government of what maybe Adolf Hitler’s past supporters always wanted through a modern form of the Enabling Act.

    Don’t worry its all legal and moral just like all the crimes of German and Communist governments before – they are just looking for bad guys in your house. Or you spoke out in the new Stasi state and they claim your a criminal in some way despite continuously no evidence to their baseless claim.

    Like the Soviet Union this will only bring them closer to collapse when no one believer’s their lies any longer and their looting of the nation as brought it to its knees.

    You have been warned as history is bound now to repeat itself.

  3. The ONLY way to prevent the government from spying on you is to stop using cell phones, landlines, satellite phones, computers, and any other devices that connect to the internet in any way, form or fashion.

    Anyone who thinks anything in this article will actually prevent it, is an idiot..

  4. The ones you should care about

    I – Disable MIC & Webcam
    II- Use TOR + VPN
    a) do not use the windows built in vpn client, go with your vpn provider app, like PIA or a manual OpenVPN set- up
    b) do not use L2TP+PSK for your VPN connections
    III – When not in use turn off your GPS
    IV – Do not install Anti-virus software. Go with Windows defender if you are on Windows.

    ENCRYPTION Encryption encryption encryption ( nsa hate does)

    V – Use Full disk encryption & Encrypt your files with TrueCrypt.
    VI – Bock all unused ports numbers, use firewall ( windows built in firewall is a good one)
    VII – Disable WebRTC in your browser, flash, do not install extensions in your browser, anyway by using tor browser you won’t be able to do that.
    VIII – Use Secure ? email services & encrypt your emails.
    IX – Use strong password and use a password manager use a strong master password for your PM. Do not COPY/PASTE those password type them.

    X – Ditch your smartphone, go OLD.

    Those are the basic way of at least making it hard for them to spy ? on you.

  5. All very good points. I use a vpn myself, if your going to use one, pay for it and use one with a strict no logging policy, I also do a lot of my web surfing in a VM and sandboxed this way nothing gets committed to disk. Bottom line though, if your doing something bad that peaks the governments or NSA’s interest, there really is no hiding, it may take them some time and during that time you will THINK you are getting away with something but they will catch up to you.
    It doesn’t even help to use Tor these days, with the dropping of the Vault 7 bomb came the news that the government and NSA have Tor figured out too.

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