How to opt out of Data Tracking & Targetted ads on the Internet

This post links to a few articles on this website, that will show you how to opt out of Targetted Ads and Data Tracking when surfing the Internet so that you can protect your privacy and stop your personal information from being leaked out when using Google Search, Google+, Bing Search, Yahoo Search, YouTube, Microsoft services, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google Analytics, and Windows 10. This post also links to articles that show you how to harden your privacy settings in products like Skype, Microsoft Office, and OneDrive.

opt out of Data Tracking Targetted ads

Opt out of Data Tracking & Targetted ads

Privacy on the Internet is the buzzword nowadays, but not all really care about it much. While some go all out to protect their online privacy & identity, some don’t really care, saying they have nothing to hide or nothing that can be stolen. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to play safe. take a look at these articles that may help you opt out of Data Tracking & Targetted ads as well as harden your privacy settings.


Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard: Change your settings and decide how Microsoft should use your data

Manage ad preferences in Microsoft products: Advertisements are used by almost every companies that provide free services – be it search, apps or storage. And this is natural, because how else can one expect to provide you with free products or services!? This post will show you how to personalize your ad experience in Microsoft products including Windows 10, Xbox, Store apps, etc.

Windows 10

Speaking of Windows 10, take a look at these posts:

Microsoft Office

Privacy Options in Microsoft Office: There are certain features in Office settings that let Office send some information about you to Microsoft in an effort to help you better diagnose and troubleshoot certain Office problems. Although none of the information collected by or provided to Microsoft is used to identify or contact users, some feel it poses a threat to their privacy.


Skype Privacy Settings: Skype Privacy Settings relating to Group and Video calls, and address the issue of Who can Contact you on Skype have been discussed in this post.


OneDrive Privacy Settings and Policy: Microsoft OneDrive is about storing and sharing files and so issues of privacy and security arise. You would not want to share all of your documents with everyone on the Internet, would you?

Bing Search

Bing user? Manage your Bing Privacy Settings carefully!

Yahoo Search

Love Yahoo Search? You might want to Turn off Yahoo Search History.


Opt out and maintain your privacy when using Google Services like Google Search, YouTube, Google+, Shared Endorsements, Gmail Chat, Google Analytics, etc.


Google Plus Privacy and Security Settings: This post will show you how to set your privacy settings in Google+ and protect your information in a better way.


Facebook Privacy Settings: Given that Facebook follows you all over the Internet, you want to harden your Facebook Privacy settings. Go here to Manage Facebook Ad Preferences & Tracking.


Twitter Privacy and Security Settings: These tips that will help you stay secure and protect your privacy while using Twitter.


Amazon user? Perhaps you want to delete your Amazon browsing history from time to time.

Government spying

Apart from using a good security software, using a good VPN software will make you invisible on the Internet.

Stay safe!

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