Bing Privacy Settings: Enjoy safe and private Internet searching

With the Internet, came the incredible social and economic development in many different ways. At the same time using the Internet is not risk-free. With the increasing use of the internet, there has been a substantial increase in fraudulent activities.  Actually there is nothing like ‘Absolute Security’ when we are talking about internet and web browsing. Despite the meticulous security settings and the security software, the cyber-criminals manage to intrude and cause damage to our computers.

Your Internet searches can contain information about your browsing, shopping habits and interests. This can lead to privacy concerns and issues for the user.

All we can do is install a security software, adjust the privacy settings of our browsers and the web services that we use – and most importantly use our common sense to surf carefully. This will help us avoid the potential threats. Microsoft has always been very concerned  with the security and privacy settings of all its products and services.

Bing, the web search engine from Microsoft can help you manage your search history and to search more safely. Today we will check out the privacy settings available on Bing and see how you can harden it.

Bing Privacy Settings

Managing the settings of your favorite search engine, wether it is Google or Bing, is very important, but is often over-looked. The search and browsing history is very important for a safe and secure browsing. Your browsing history can help the intruders to know about your shopping habits, interests and much more. Thankfully, the privacy settings of Bing allow you to manage your search history very well.

Manage Bing search history

bing privacy settings

Turning the search history Off and On is pretty easy in Bing. Just go to the Bing homepage, click on the Preferences wheel in the top right corner. From the left panel click on ‘Search History’.

Click on Turn Off tab on the upright corner of the page. You can also clear all your search history with a single click on Clear All. You can also clear a single search entry from history, on the Search History page by clicking on the X against the entry you want to delete.

To be able to turn off web search history, you will have to ensure that JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser.

To turn off Bing Search History go here.

Bing SafeSearch Filter Malicious Content

bing privacy settings 2

The SafeSearch feature of Bing brings strict filters which blocks the malicious and adult content in your search results.

To change the SafeSearch preferences, click on ‘Preferences’ icon at the top right corner of the page. Go to ‘SafeSearch’ and adjust the settings as you want and click on ‘Save’.

You can set it from Strict to Moderate or even Turn Off as per your preference.

Hope you find this small tip useful!

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