Understanding Privacy Policy and Settings In Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive offers 25GB of free space for storage of any type of files. You can upload your files and share them with people on Facebook and Twitter (and some other social networking sites). In addition to storing and sharing files, Microsoft also allows for creation and viewing of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and OneNote files without having to install a copy of Microsoft Office locally. Moreover, it  has just launched OneDrive for Windows desktop client which makes things even better!

OneDrive Privacy Settings and Policy

Since the focus of Microsoft OneDrive or SkyDrive is more on storing and sharing files (even with people who do not possess a local copy of Office 2010), issues of privacy and security arise. You would not want to share all of your documents with everyone on the Internet. So how does privacy in Microsoft OneDrive work?

Inheritance Of Privacy Settings In Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Privacy Settings and Policy

By default you have these three folders on your OneDrive:

  1. Documents
  2. Shared Documents
  3. Pictures

In earlier SkyDrive accounts, you may also see Favorites and Shared Favorites. With these folders you have the following permissions already set up when you create a OneDrive account:

  • Share With Everyone: Shared Documents and Shared Favorites
  • Share With Some: Pictures (Some refers to people who are your friends on the Messenger)
  • Share With None: Documents folder and Favorites folder.

You can change the default settings of these folders. To change the settings, open the folder and towards the right of screen, make the changes under Sharing.

Note that the folders inside these topmost folders inherit the share settings of their parent folders. For example, if you create a file or folder under Shared Documents, the privacy settings of that file or folder will be Share With Everyone.

Privacy Settings For Individual Folders On Microsoft OneDrive

For the new folders you create outside of the Shared Documents, Photos and Documents (that is, in the OneDrive root folder), you can set up the privacy settings after you create the folder or file. Each new folder you create in the root of SkyDrive will be Share With None.

You can use Sharing towards the right of the screen to change the privacy permissions. You will get a dialog that offers to help you with sharing the folder or file on social networks. The same dialog box also has an option saying Get a Link. When you click Get A Link, you have the option to share the file with people having links or with everyone. You just need to click Create or Make Public per your wish.

This explains the Privacy settings in Microsoft OneDrive.

If you have any doubts or wish to add anything, please feel free to add your comment below.

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