Install OneDrive for Windows on your PC


  1. I take it back – I was signed in with the wrong account. My account that I’ve had for awhile was able to get the free upgrade to 25gb. The account I had created earlier today to test something else in the hotmail system was not offered the 25gb upgrade.

  2. GREAT. I was using Mesh but this is even btter. I don’t have to sync manually as it shows syncing on its own. And I can always access SkyDrive from Windows Explorer. Also, upgraded to 25 GB. Thank you for sharing

  3. Also pl. note that Users who have not made any use of their SkyDrive, i.e. not uploaded anything, do not get the free 25 GB upgrade offer. So some of you might be in this category not receiving this upgrade

  4. The hotmail account which is recently created is not having those free 25 GB upgrade option. Will it come soon or is this limited period offer only for old account holders? Please clear these queries soon, bcoz many are awaiting answer!

  5. Xi, the upgrade offer is only for Existing users.
    “As a Limited time loyalty offer existing SkyDrive users those who already have SkyDrive account, can still get their 25 GB they currently have. This is a Limited time offer and being offered only to early loyal adopters.”

    Check “Limited time loyalty offer” FAQ –

  6. Hi

    I thought I’d try M$’s SkyDrive and when installing it get this error message:

    “SkyDrive can’t be run using full administrator rights. Please restart SkyDrive without administrator rights”

    That’s gotta be a first, right?

    How do I get round it – I’m the only user of this computer apart from the “Administrator” that came with it?

    Vista Home Premium – up to date with updates as far as I know

  7. Right – I’ve fixed my earlier problem! Apparently you HAVE to have User Account Control switched on! How lame is that??!!

    Now I can’t see the free 25 meg upgrade offer when I go to “Manage Storage. I have uploaded a few things to Skydrive

    So where do I go to get the extra space please?

    PS The

  8. Thank you. I would have missed this if it were not for your post. Much appreciated.

  9. If UAC is not your cup of tea, try SDexplorer (free- auto login, view of Skydrive folders in your file manager).

    Skydrive crashes for me.. like one or two others.. but then, I’m running it without UAC and from ‘Dropmyrights’. Probably that’s guaranteed to fail..

  10. If I decide to access this from my iPhone, is it going to automatically start checking my hotmail also? Since my email is my “main” account, I do not access it from my phone, (1) because of security concerns, and (2) because I don’t want to use up all my monthly data by checking the tons of email that goes to that account. If I want to send an email from the phone, I will use a secondary email account. But SkyDrive uses my WindowsLive id, the same as hotmail, and I am wondering if it will pester me about the hotmail.

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