How to setup Folder Protection for OneDrive account

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an extensively used cloud service to store documents online and exchange the important files online at any time. OneDrive is a file hosting service for Microsoft users that would allow users to store the data online in the cloud, sync all kinds of files and share the files on Web. Microsoft gives a user the benefit of storing the files on OneDrive cloud, access the files from any device through OneDrive, share the data online and collaborate with the team by just sending a OneDrive data link via Facebook, Email, or iMessage.

OneDrive Folder Protection

Recently, Microsoft rolled out a new folder protection feature for OneDrive users that would back up all the important files in the PC to the user’s OneDrive cloud service. In precise, the new OneDrive Folder Protection feature will protect documents, photos and desktop folders by automatically syncing them to OneDrive. Generally, users have to explicitly locate and save the important files to OneDrive folder. However, by enabling this new feature, the user can optionally prefer to protect the privacy and integrity of data which automatically syncs the standard PC files to OneDrive as if they were stored in OneDrive.

The new folder protection feature makes it super easy to save the contents in OneDrive and eventually gain the flexibility to access the files across any devices while protecting its privacy. By enabling a folder protection for a selected folder, the Onedrive monitors all the folder protection enabled folders and syncs all their contents to the cloud. Earlier the OneDrive folder protection feature was only made available to business users, but Microsoft has changed its decision and is now available for all the regular OneDrive users with personal accounts.

Additionally, if you are using multiple Windows computers, OneDrive automatically synchronizes all the important files in the PC to the OneDrive so that you can have access to the files on all your PC’s. Users can enable this new feature on different PC connected to the same account and the protection enabled files will be combined in the document folder. The new protection feature has a user-friendly interface and in this article, we explain how to set up the folder protection for OneDrive account.

Setup Folder Protection for OneDrive account

Open OneDrive and click on More. Now click on Settings from the drop-down menu to open Microsoft OneDrive window.

In the Microsoft OneDrive window, navigate to Auto Save tab. Click on Update folder.

Set up the protection for all the important folders by selecting your PC folders which you want to automatically synchronize with OneDrive.

OneDrive Folder Protection

Click Start Protection to enable the Folder protection.

Once the important files are synced, close the window.

It is important to note that, this new folder protection is being rolled out slowly to all the user and if you don’t see an option for Update folder in the Auto Save tab, it only means that your PC is not yet eligible for folder protection. You may have to wait and check back again if you are eligible for this new OneDrive feature in the near future.

Also just like the usual OneDrive folders, the protection enabled PC folders will have syncing status indicators and all the data like Desktop, photos and documents folders will be seen on the main OneDrive storage folder.

Users who are using  Microsoft Outlook and local OneNote notebook may get an error while syncing to your  Microsoft account stating that the Onedrive cannot protect the PST files stored in your document folder. In this case, users may have to move all the PST files to another folder before enabling the folder protection for your Document folder.

That’s all.

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