Encrypt and secure OneDrive files. How feasible is Encryption?


  1. If I need to share anything in the cloud, especially OneDrive I use Microsoft Rights Management. This way, only the intended recipient(s) can open, read, view or edit the files and it works well with Microsoft Office, including Outlook (desktop and web).


    Also, I would avoid TrueCrypt like the plague as it’s now very unsecure.

  2. Hello Sir, this is not true. OneDrive now encripts our Files.

    “However, there is no encryption after the files are uploaded”

  3. Can you please give me any link saying that Onedrive files are encrypted? I could not find any official blog claiming encryption during storage. For transmission of files, it employs PFS encryption, which should be good enough.

  4. “OneDrive for Business” — as mentioned in your link — is a completely different product from the free “OneDrive” that’s offered to individual users. Files stored in the free “OneDrive” is NOT encrypted.

  5. How has it been demonstrated to be insecure? Afaik the owners just stepped away without justifying how it was insecure, and no future audits have found anything to report.

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