How to clear or delete your Amazon Browsing History quickly

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  1. This is helpful advice, but, Amazon’s site is truly horrible about this. Even though you disable browsing history, it does so only for the device you are currently using (not others, like your smart phone, iPad, etc.). If this weren’t bad enough, this setting is stored via a browser cookie, so if you clear your browser cookies at some point, your Amazon browsing history will get turned back on again. This is arrogant behavior by Amazon, and I have complained to them about it. They replied to me, but essentially ignored my request. I should be able to disable the history on my account, permanently, not just one device at a time, susceptible to cookie removal.

    The reason this annoys me so much is that if I look at something on Amazon, I get emails, week after week, spamming me with advertisements for the same stuff over and over.

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