How to clear or delete your Amazon Browsing History quickly

Ever wondered why Amazon always has a list of best-recommended products for you on their home page? It is because Amazon tracks your browsing history by default. Every product you check or buy is automatically saved in your browsing history. This information is then used by the company to show you the recommended items, and Amazon mentions that clearly.

amazon browsing history

Moreover, this data is also shared with other networks to serve you the best relevant ads. You might have noticed that when you search for a product on Amazon, your Facebook timeline will start showing the best relevant ads to the product you searched for.

What happens is that when you check something on Amazon, it saves your browsing history along with the cookies, your browser session, and the IP address. This saved data is then used to serve you the recommended products on Amazon as well as the relevant ads on other social networking platforms like Facebook.

While this is not harmful if you have your own personal computer system, but it can certainly be awkward if you share a computer. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. In this

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem, and we will see in this post how to view, manage, delete and clear your Amazon Browsing History quickly.

Delete Amazon Browsing History

To delete your browsing history, you first need to go to the browsing history page of Amazon. This page shows all the products you checked or searched for on Amazon.delete amazon browsing history


Click on Remove and remove the products individually from your browsing history. However, you can remove all your history items at one go too.

Click on the Manage History drop-down menu on the right corner. You can also turn Browsing History Off just by checking the box. delete amazon search history

By turning the browsing history off you can actually stop Amazon from tracking and saving your browsing and search history. While, if you have your own personal computer system, the browsing history always helps

If you have your own personal computer system, the browsing history always helps in getting better deals on Amazon, based on your interest but if you are using a shared computer, it is recommended that you turn the browsing history off, to maintain your privacy.

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  1. CoreyInPDX

    This is helpful advice, but, Amazon’s site is truly horrible about this. Even though you disable browsing history, it does so only for the device you are currently using (not others, like your smart phone, iPad, etc.). If this weren’t bad enough, this setting is stored via a browser cookie, so if you clear your browser cookies at some point, your Amazon browsing history will get turned back on again. This is arrogant behavior by Amazon, and I have complained to them about it. They replied to me, but essentially ignored my request. I should be able to disable the history on my account, permanently, not just one device at a time, susceptible to cookie removal.

    The reason this annoys me so much is that if I look at something on Amazon, I get emails, week after week, spamming me with advertisements for the same stuff over and over.

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