Check What Facebook Knows About You

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites currently. While there are many productive uses of Facebook also, people mostly use it for fun and to make a social connection with people worldwide. And, one has to add their personal details, pictures, interests and other personal information to connect with the like-minded people.

Most of the users never bother about what Facebook do with the information they add. If internet privacy has ever been your concern, you should know that Facebook and almost every other social networking website use your personal details to serve you with targeted advertisements, and make better friend’s suggestions.

What Facebook Knows About You

All your private data such as your contacts, phone number, email address, photos, posts you have published on your timeline, things you have bought online, adverts you’ve clicked as well as your other online activities, browsing habits, location, and so on.

Almost every detail you add on your Facebook account is used for some or the other purpose. In this post, we will learn about the different ways Facebook collects and uses your information. Also, how you can check what all is stored on the FB servers.

Facebook Targeted Ads

Have you ever felt that the ads on your timeline are made just for you? If yes, you are right. Every advertisement served to you on your Facebook Timeline is based on the interests you add in your account. Facebook servers know what you like or dislike, what you browse on the web and what you have recently shopped online. The ads are targeted to you on the basis of your age, gender, location and online activities.

Don’t worry Facebook is not stalking you, they just aggregate the data and make a list of people on the basis of their interests. For example, there is a list of people who are interested in watching cricket, a set of users who are interested in buying gadgets or web hosting online, or may be a set of people interested in buying dresses online and so on. What Facebook Knows About YouThese lists are then forwarded to the advertising agencies which then serve you the targeted advertisements which certainly increases the conversion rates.

Adjust Your Facebook advertising preferences

Yes, Facebook stores your details and use it to serve you the ads but the good news is that everything on your profile are under your control. Facebook gives you the entire control on your privacy settings and lets you adjust the advert preferences.

Whenever we like a page on Facebook or click on any advert or even when we add some location and check-in to some hotel; the data is stored on the servers and is then used to serve you the relevant ads. Nevertheless, you can always check the pages you’ve liked or the interests you have added on your account.

To manage Facebook Ad Preferences & opt out of Ad Tracking  go to your Facebook Advert Preferences and adjust the settings there.  facebook stores your data

The page will show you the products and services you have added as your interests. The list is made on the basis of the adverts you click on Facebook and pages you like. Just the mouse cursor on any of them, click on the X button and it will be removed.

Imported Contacts

Most of you might not be aware of the fact that Facebook has your address book. Most of the users unknowingly upload their address book to Facebook which is then used to give you the friend’s suggestions. There is a tab of “People you may know” in the right sidebar of your Facebook Timeline. While the contacts and their information won’t be visible to anyone except you, but Facebook uses it to make friend suggestions thereby helping you to connect with more people you know. Then again, Facebook allows you to delete the contacts uploaded. facebook ccontact

WhatsApp Account Information

Not only your phone address book, but your WhatsApp contacts information is also stored in your Facebook account. WhatsApp, the messaging app belongs to Facebook and not everyone knows that it now shares your phone number on with Facebook account. The data of Facebook and WhatsApp is now connected and the new privacy policy allows Facebook to use your WhatsApp account details to target better adverts and make the friend’s suggestions. Though, this is again intended to give you a better user experience and make a better social connectivity but may daunt your privacy concerns at the same time.

If you don’t want Facebook to use your WhatsApp details, go to your WhatsApp Settings -> Account -> and Uncheck the tab saying, Share My account info. facebook stores your data

Facebook also has the information of the device type you are using and the operating system and software installed on your device. Remember that when you sign-in to the third party applications via Facebook you are allowing the social network to access all your personal details, pictures, and interests.

Facebook makes sure that you know what you are doing by asking for your permissions every time. You just need to be alert!

Having read this, you may want to harden your Facebook Privacy Settings.

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  1. ReadandShare

    Not that I have anything to hide, but I don’t see any need to leave a trail (“timeline”) of my casual bantering’s going back years. Short of unfriending people, I will periodically wipe out all past posts, etc., etc.

  2. GoneFishing

    I give FB only a bare minimum of details required for FB to work. No importing of contacts, no syncing with programs/services outside of FB and FB trackers are deactivated on non-FB pages. Thanks to ad-blockers, ads rarely appear, none are interest-based and I never click on them.

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