Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7


  1. 1. six months before, i downloaded the microsoft essentials from your advise & guidelines. but virus affected the hardware of my computer. why?

    2. now i change the hardware & i want to reload the microsoft essentials but the the download is not work properly, why?

    3. windows sp2 i have already download which is essential for the working of ms essentials. after that the same condition . how can i do ?

    write immediately. & phone also . because i have no other antivirus. my tel nos is; 22021043-011, 22023876-011, celno;09868608047, 09013224166. ok.

  2. A virus does not affect hardware.

    Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials from the Microsoft website.

    There should be absolutely no issues in installing the latest MSE on an original Windows copy.

    If you need assistance you may have to register and post your questions at TWC Security Forum.

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