Win10 Security Plus lets your harden Windows security

Being one of the most popular operating systems, Windows is always vulnerable to the malicious attacks. While the operating system has its own privacy settings and security regime, not everyone is tech-savvy enough to adjust those settings. But you can always make use of a third party app to tighten the security or say to get an additional layer security for your PC. Win10 Security Plus is one of the free applications that let you tweak your Windows 10/8/7 security and privacy settings easily.

Win10 Security Plus

Win10 Security Plus

Win10 Security Plus is a lightweight and portable app that compatible with the latest Windows 10 as well as Windows 8/7. It lets you check and regulate the security features of your PC – enhance the security settings and get an extra shield against the Trojans, viruses, and other malicious attacks.

The tool bundles up more than 40 security settings into a single list and you can have a perfectly secure PC just by checking or unchecking the options. It helps you modify the security settings and configurations easily without much technical knowledge. These procedures would otherwise require at least some tech expertise and may take no less than an hour or so for an amateur computer user. But remember, you have to know what you are doing.

Scroll down the list carefully and check or uncheck the options depending on how you to apply the suggested security fixes. Just adjust the settings according to your own preferences and click on Apply button.

Key features of Win10 Security Plus

  • Active Security System with 40+ Security Improvements makes your PC more secure
  • Creates System Restore
  • Protects your files and folders with Win File Protection
  • Asks for Signature Verification for downloads
  • Disables Autorun.inf and blocks USB-Spreading Malware

Harden Windows security

The tool lets you:

  1. Activate Internet Explorer Memory Protection
  2. Disable commonly exploited Windows features
  3. Disable Remote Registry, Remote Assistance, Short File Names
  4. Disable Autorun.inf Autoplay, 16-bit Processes, WSCRIPT.EXE
  5. Enable Structured Exception Handling Overwrite Protection
  6. And more!

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Overall, Win10 Security Plus is a nice, simple and portable tool that can help you harden Windows security. Useful if you want to make your Windows PC and make it more secure!

It is available for download from its home page.

It is always recommended to create a system restore point before you tweak any settings on your PC so that you can get back to the original settings if something goes wrong.

Also take a look at Ultimate Windows Tweaker, Under its Security tab, it offers several security., and privacy-related tweaks.

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