Nero BackItUp: A Complete Backup Solution


  1. Awful product! TECH SUPPORT- is in Germany, via e-mail ONLY, so the replies are once a day. Each time they have replied, it is like my wife (they are nice, but have no tech knowledge whatsoever). INTERFACE- I am using Win7 -64 bit. The product feels like a BETA version: the backup has no pause or cancel button. Plus, the job stays on the list permanently (you cannot delete it). Then the old job you tried to cancel or delete reactivates itself and begins again. UPLOADS. My first job was for 140GB. It has been running continuously for two weeks, with another 20 days to go. To upload all my family computers will take six months at this rate. And it is not my ISP. When I asked NERO about this, they actually said I should backup fewer files. SYSTEM RESOURCES- when I first installed this, it consumed about 90% of my 8GB ram to run. I had to uninstall it and reinstall. I suspect this does not play well with Norton’s firewall. but the tech support knows nothing about it.

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