Kingsoft Antivirus : Freeware Anti Virus for Windows

Kingsoft Antivirus is out of beta and is now available as a free download for your Windows PC. This completely free antivirus software will detect and clean virus, trojans and malware from your computer. It can also work along-side other anti virus software, you may have installed on your PC.

Kingsoft Antivirus review

Kingsoft Antivirus

The average computer user has no idea how many trojan virus and malicious spyware applications are waiting to attack their system. As mentioned before, a trojan is a virus which may resemble a useful and harmless program which on the contrary comes with a code which has the capability of wiping out data from your machine, besides installing adware or even spyware. The Trojan virus is usually embedded on attachments that come with emails, downloadable programs or other computer operating system that are vulnerable. The free software, comes to you, from the makers of Kingsoft PC Doctor.

With Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 installed, it’s just like having a computer security expert always looking over your shoulder. It runs flawlessly; even with previously installed anti-virus programs, providing a secondary layer of protection. Not only will your computer run better and safer, you’ll also be able to download files without having to worry about malicious programs sneaking onto your system.

The anti-virus installs in less than 15 seconds. Once installed, users can have it perform a full scan/quick scan of their PC. This scan detects the infected files of your system and can fix the problem spots along the way.

Kingsoft Antivirus Features

Virus Scan

  • Full Scan – Completely can all files stored on computer hard disk
  • Quick Scan – Scan system file folders and other sensitive areas, to block threats from viruses
  • Custom Scan – Scan location in your needs
  • USB Drive Scan – Block threats which spread through USB devices

Real-Time Defenses. Its Boundary Defense is quite efficient and requires less computer resources as compared to other antivirus, says the company.

  • IM Defense – Protecting users’ computer security while chatting with IM software, like MSN, ICQ, AOL etc
  • Video Defense – Protect users’ computer security while watching online videos
  • Download Shield – Block suspicious files away from being downloaded to computer
  • USB Defense – Block viruses which spread through removable USB drives.

System Defense

  • Innovative “K+” computer security defense technique

Active Cloud Security Defense

  • Based on the two advanced computer security techniques, Kingsoft AntiVirus 2012 can efficiently protect your computer security against any security threat. In addition, this security software includes powerful heuristic security system and multi-point inherited virus detection system, to further prevent malicious attacks.

Internet Explorer Firewall

  • Block suspicious tampering behavior from malware to your browser settings and protects you from malicious hijacking and phishing attacks.


  • Checks system vulnerabilities which can be exploits by hackers and provides corresponding solutions. It also blocks malicious scans, remote control and other hacking activities.

Kingsoft Antivirus is completely free with no limitations, ads or any kind of bundled 3rd party software.

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