NANO Antivirus: Light-weight, fast, free antivirus software for Windows

NANO antivirus is just like many other free antivirus programs available for the Windows OS. They offer features that compete with paid version of antivirus programs that are available in market. NANO antivirus program is a new offering that uses advanced technologies to scan virus, malware, ransomware and other threats that can damage Windows OS files and programs installed.

NANO Antivirus features

NANO Antivirus

NANO offers a UI with all required functionality easily accessible. It is designed for beginners as well as IT specialists – who can use some of its advanced features to protect the system. In the basic UI mode, there is not much to play around with, but in the Advanced UI mode, users can perform various task and can tweak antivirus program the way they want.

This antivirus uses deep scan techniques and also checks for encrypted and polymorphous viruses using the decompression feature that looks  for packed and archived threat residing anywhere in the OS. It also offers features like complete & express system scan, removable media scan, option to quarantine, system guard, etc.

This free antivirus software offers real-time system protection and scans a file every time it is accessed. Its web-traffic scanner checks all files which are downloaded from the Internet. There is also a setting called Trusted Area, where a user can add objects for safe keeping. These objects will be exempted from scan.

The program also offers an option to run the program under a different user account. This feature can be pretty helpful to system administrators who want to scan only other user account files.

Some features in NANO antivirus:

  • A new command-line interface has been added that will help user to perform required task when needed.
  • NANO antivirus got a facelift in the newest release which will make UI much easier to navigate through.
  • NANO antivirus comes with online and offline downloader. Online or light installer will only download the basic setup file to download the complete antivirus pack. In case of offline downloader, the installer will be download the complete antivirus suite which can then be installed in one go.
  • New enhanced mechanism to detect, block and delete malicious and fishing links
  • NANO antivirus can now scan libraries on Windows running Windows 7 and higher.

Nano Antivirus free download

NANO antivirus is a freeware and currently available as a beta version. Users can download the online or offline installer for the product from official website here. Its offline installer is 420MB.

The company also offers a free NANO Antivirus Sky Scan Windows Store app for Windows 8.1. We will cover it in the next few days.

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