Best free Cloud Antivirus for Windows 10/8/7


  1. Have been using Panda Cloud Antivirus [Free Ediion] since it first launched as a beta release back in 2009. It’s remarkably lightweight albeit powerful. It stops all kinds of threats without compromising the performance. Highly recommend it!

  2. I haven’t used Panda CA myself but have seen it working on my friend’s laptop. And, both of us found it great. It’s free yet powerful.

  3. I have looked at Panda Cloud AV a few times but am wary of it clashing with my other security software. Even though I am extremely interested in any form of 2nd line defense I will hold back for a wee bit longer until I have seen it working on someone else PC and read a few more reviews on it. I suppose I am old school when it comes to security programs, no two programs doing the same job at the same time due to clashes. So come on Panda prove this old time thinker wrong and get some links to INDEPENDENT reviews made available on your site

  4. I use AVAST free, should i ditch it and use one of these presented here, specially Immunet, the
    “Fast Antivirus” and “Light” sounds good to me since my laptop is not that good in terms of CPU.

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