Kaspersky Free Antivirus offers strong anti-malware protection for Windows 10


  1. This is wonderful news, i was eager to test it since i read the latest test results in AV TEST ORG, but encountered at that time that they didn’t have a free version. I am using Bitdefender now, but will surely test Kapersky because i need lighter antiviruses in performance hit impact. I was also a Panda user, but the negative impact when opening apps or documents was very noticeable.

  2. This is a very good antivirus and has been in the top 5 ever since. But there is one little catch… Look at the main window on the bottom right… See it ??? License: 365 days remaining. Now, what could that mean ??? I assume that after the “free limited trail” you would have to spend a few $$$ to get the paid version. Maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong but we’ll soon find out… Anyways, Kasperskey offers reliable and sound protection that we can trust.

  3. Anyone care to explain why Kaspersky Total Security opens thousands of network connections with most going to Russia?

    I didn’t notice this anomaly until I upgraded my networking hardware to have better monitoring capabilities. I know it’s Kaspersky doing this because if I disable it the connections drop but as soon as Kaspaskey restarts those thousands of connections open again. This “experiment” has been tested on multiples PCs and it’s always Kaspersky opening thousands of connections.

    I have since removed Kaspersky and the replacement security software does not exhibit this anomalous and highly suspicious behavior.

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