Panda Free Antivirus for Windows 10/8/7

Panda Dome Free Antivirus is now available as a free download for Windows users. Apart from introducing scheduled scanning and Automatic USB Vaccine features and anti-exploit protection, the Panda Free Antivirus, earlier called Panda Cloud Antivirus, comes with the powerful XMT Smart Engineering Scan Engine.

The removal of the ‘cloud’ word has it’s a very obvious reason, as mentioned by the company. When Panda was first released, it was the only antivirus solution in the market that used cloud technology to keep you secure but as the time passed, nowadays most of the antivirus software are using their cloud engines for detecting virus, and that is the reason company has decided to take the cloud word off the Title. Not just the name has changed, many features have been updated too, now you may see new features with some old ones.

Panda Free Antivirus for Windows

Panda Free Antivirus

Evolution of Panda antivirus has led to the creation of their powerful and XMT Smart Engineering Scan, that, the company claims, is one of the best virus detection engines. XMT engine has been made available in all Panda consumer products from this update.

This free antivirus software also comes with an Anti-exploit tool.

USB Drive Vaccine is one of the features that have been added in this update. USB vaccine scans the removable drive and vaccinates it from harmful threads; the feature is very useful indeed. You can even activate automatic USB vaccination if you want that the removable drive to get automatically vaccinated when plugged in.

USB Vaccine

After this update you can even create scheduled scans so that your PC is automatically scanned in a definite interval, this feature has made it easier for its users to scan their computers automatically. You can add a Daily, Weekly or a Monthly scan; you can choose the timings and the scan areas. It is recommended to go for Daily Critical Areas scan and a Weekly Full Computer Scan. You can even add exclusions and change some advanced settings. Another anti-exploit technology has been added to keep your PC protected from spreading a virus and known threads.

The update is a very useful one. From changing the name to changing the features, the update represents the evolution of Panda Antivirus. The UI is somewhat similar to that of previous versions; it resembles the Windows start screen. The UI is nice and easy to operate. The antivirus doesn’t require any configuration but just your email account as a part of registration, it starts protecting your PC from the instance you install it.

Click here to visit the Panda Free Antivirus home page. Unfortunately, if you click on the Download button on the Panda home page, it will take you to CNET. CNET then makes your download their installer!  Click here to directly download the setup file from the Panda website.

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  1. David

    Does it offer real-time protection?

  2. Juan Figueroa

    yes, it does offer real-time protection. I looked the details on the site and i’m using it.

  3. Joe

    99.9% according to AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection test for March-June 2014 and only 1 false positive

  4. George Melendez Correa

    WHAT!!! “Panda sucks” ….. NO IT DOESN’T …. all the major anti-virus tools are actually excellent at detecting and removing malware but none are perfect. Sure their are differences which are features that one might have and others don’t but that does not make one better than another. If you review AV Comparatives Real World Protection test you will see that every month the score varies on each anti-virus tool. These tests are conducted on a monthly bases and will usually vary from month to month. There is no such thing as a “perfect anti-virus tool”, well, not yet as I know of. You can check scores on tools effectiveness and performance HERE >>>

  5. George Melendez Correa

    I’ve used different antivirus software (real-time protection), Norton, Avira, Avast and currently Panda Antivirus FREE V 15.0.4. with cloud technology. Let me first state that, as we all know, there is no such thing as a PERFECT ANTIVIRUS and I just want to make it clear that all these security tools are good at what they do. After using Panda for 4 months I have to say that it’s more than adequate and does an excellent job. It’s very light on resources, won’t slow down your PC, no need to manually update it’s data files and you’ll not even know it’s on your PC. It does have a pop-up ad notifying to up-date to the paid version but I have seen it maybe 4 or 5 times since I installed it and not annoying what so ever. In the new Version 15.0.4 an Anti Exploit Technology has been added. You can also schedule automatic daily, weekly or monthly scans for better protection if you desire. I haven’t encountered any issues and can’t say enough on just how glad I am with Panda FREE. If you’re looking for excellent protection with very little effort on your part then I would suggest Panda Antivirus FREE V 15.0.4. I can’t think of any other antivirus with such great protection for so little $$$….. that’s FREE……. enjoy …

  6. Frank

    Where do I go To schedule PC scans a specific intervals,

  7. Ivan White

    Panda is one of the best on the Market according to AV test labs and windows club. It has a high rating and works excellently. .. As to the free Panda antivirus it was recommended as one of the best free antivirus protections by av test labs. So you can not go wrong with Panda, it has a solid 17 rating out of a possible 18 and does very well.

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