ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall for Windows: Review & Download


  1. according to what i have heard, only automatic updates is received every 24 hours…but manually you can update as many times as you can….from screenshot, i think you ran it in windows 8 so it is compatible with windows 8 right???……can you please provide direct offline download link….i can’t find it anywhere….

  2. Don’t bother installing this behemoth on XP (with limited system power) because it will kill it! If you like playing with XP and prefer a lighter alternative try Panda Cloud or better still Kingsoft Cloud Antivirus.

  3. Correct.
    But a lot of people are using 64-bit systems nowadays….
    I don´t have any 32-systems installed, so i can´t do any tests right now, but it would be interesting to check ZA with fx. Comodo´s LeakTest (CLT).
    Last time i checked ZA with CLT it wasn´t any good, but it might be better now.

  4. At one time ZA was the absolute choice in Firewalls, but it grew and grew and became so bloated it consumed tons of system resources with processes running you could not stop. Then it became virtually impossible to uninstall without manually cleaning the registry after uninstall procedures.
    Never again for ZA!

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