Comodo Antivirus Review: Free download for Windows PC

With the increasing cyber-attacks these days, the personal data stored in your PC is not safe anymore. While you cannot protect the servers of web portals, you can definitely secure your devices using some good anti-virus program and protect them against various malware and data-stealing Trojans. Which antivirus should you use? In this post we will talk about Comodo Antivirus Free version, which is also an integral part of Comodo Internet Security Free. This free antivirus software helps you in securing your Windows PC completely. It assures a complete protection against malware issues and data stealing Trojans.

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Comodo Antivirus Free for Windows PC

Unlike the other Antivirus programs, Comodo Antivirus comes with similar features for both paid as well as its free version. The pack includes an Antivirus scanner, A quarantine, Sandbox operating environment and a Task Manager. It’s fast cloud-based scanning gives you a list of infected files in real time. The paid version includes a Firewall too.

Points which makes Comodo a great option

Quarantine: Some antivirus programs detect the possibly infected files and delete them straightaway.  But what if you find that file wasn’t infected and was rather an important one? This is where Quarantine helps. Comodo antivirus runs a through scan and detects all filed which seems to be infected and harmful for your PC. These files are then sent to Quarantine which then deleted the file from original location, makes necessary changes and puts them in some hidden folder in your PC which other programs can’t access.

Automatic Updates: Once you download and install the antivirus program in your PC, you don’t need to worry about the latest and updated version released. The program will automatically update to the latest version of virus protection.

Sandbox Technology

The Sandbox technology used in Comodo antivirus creates a virtual computing environment for the untrusted programs, thereby keeping your PCs safe from the viruses and Trojans. The virtual operating environment executes the untrusted programs or files without affecting the application in which it runs.

Scheduled scans

With this free antivirus program, you can schedule the PC Scan according to your own convenience.

Overall, Comodo is a nice and useful antivirus program which comes with a comprehensive package of protection technologies along with simple and clean interface. The main overview has it all. It is more about protection than detection. The program helps you removing the infected files from your PC thereby improving its speed and performance.

The latest version of Comodo Antivirus Version comes with Windows 10 compatibility, improved support, and a few fixes in Sandbox and network firewall.

Download Comodo Antivirus Free from here and let us know which free antivirus software you prefer to use to protect your Windows computer.

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