Comodo Internet Security: Free, multi-layered security software for Windows


  1. I have downloaded and used this and I have to say I just love it, low impact on the system memory and still giving you maximum protection this is by far my fav security program

  2. Visit You’ll be amazed to know how this free internet security program is number one (#1). They put it thru a variety of tests and the results are 100%. If your paying for a so called internet security suite…I’d think twice before buying or paying. You won’t regret it.

  3. I have downloaded and used this software for around 6 months and it is better than any paid Internet Security,the best there is try it.

  4. Better than other’s paid versions. And with a free year of the premium it’s even better. Pretty comprehensive tool.

  5. I’ve used this product and its early versions for three years now. It has continually improved. The only downside is that is harder to manage than AVG and other free products, however it does a better job protecting you if you take the time to read the help files. All in all a great free security product.

  6. So, what is the catch? Someone will have to pay to keep the light on for Comodo.

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