Windows app Tiles are not working in Windows 10


  1. I was having this problem, and it turned out that the cause was Avast!, my antivirus program. Disabling avast’s shields fixed the problem.

    (Windows 8 has its own built-in antivirus software, so I’m not worried about getting infected.)

  2. This was it. Avast causing problem at my end too. Thanks. I was about to go back to Windows 7 (which I may in future after exploring it more).

  3. Tried all the fixes (apart from repair install) – nothing works. The apps – Weather/Bing/Finance/News/Travel etc. all update Metro Start screen thumbnails ok but just show loading symbol when full screen version selected.

    I have Windows 8 RTM x64 on notebook – default resolution 1680 x 1050.

    They did work briefly during installation but stopped working after first post-install updates.

  4. Same here, was working fine at first but now 2 days after windows 8 installation they stopped working, now I tried deleting them and re installing them and some of them work, Mail, Music, Video but some others still don’t like News and Weather…

  5. Thanks! This problem was was really, really bugging me – I’ve tried everything! Avast is now off and everything’s fine :))

  6. Had to remove Avast! for it to work. Get rid of any antivirus software you have running — you don’t need it if you’re using Windows 8

  7. Avast was the problem. There’s a essential update available at Avast. After installing this update Windows 8 including apps is running great.

  8. As by far the most common fix is removing Avast AV I tried the same with Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 I use. It immediately solved the problem.

    I then re-installed it and the metro apps still work fine. The issue seems to be with the in-place upgrade I made from Windows 7. It doesn’t seem to migrate across correctly.

  9. I wish I would have read this first, I backed up my files and did a fresh install which worked…but I haven’t re-installed Avast. Now I know not to re-install it.

  10. I have AVAST and disabling it doesn’t fix this problem.
    First the Store was broke with the message “Something is wrong…”
    , now I can’t open apps that were originally installed. I can install NEW apps , but can’t open existing ones installed at an earlier date.

  11. Yeah this just started happening. Any app I click open for a second or two on the loading screen then kicks me back to the Start Menu. I don’t have Avast. Any suggestions

  12. Not mentioned here is the fact a simple update in the windows 8 store will fix the issue of applications not running… Try it guys it worked for me 🙂

  13. Initially the tiles worked. After a few days they didn’t and so I tried all of the suggestions listed above. None of them worked. Lastly I tried the repair and that was so slow. It managed to go from 19% to 22% done in over an hour. I couldn’t wait any longer so I tried a clean install. That went fast and smoothly – until I came to activation. It refused to activate, saying that mine was an upgrade and needed an earlier version of Windows. So I reinstalled Win XP, had then to download Service Pack 3, and finally I was able to reinstall Windows 8. The tiles worked fine and I’ve had no more trouble, apart from the fact that I don’t know what caused the problem in the first place so I’m waiting for it to happen again! 😐


    Ok, people, all my problems with the apps was over when I updated the Avast Internet Security. Its new version identify the Windows 8 apps, and everything is doing well, now!

  15. I have the identical problem as Richard. I have an HP Touchsmart. My downloaded upgrade to W8 worked fine, then a Windows update screwed it up. Still not working well, all of the above cited sites do not open. I do not have Avast on my computer, so that’s not the culprit.

  16. Had the same problem. But it was due to Kaspersky Internet security 2013. All issues were solved once I uninstalled the interenet security. Once the windows store was updated, reinstalled kaspersky and everything works fine…

  17. My weather and Travel tiles suddenly stopped working after a batch of Windows updates. All settings here are as stipulated above. All other tiles function as they used to do.

  18. This can also be caused by Kaspersky or possibly other anti virus programs. I do know AVG works with Windows 8 ok.

  19. I’m not using any antivirus other than Windows Defender which comes with windows 8. The issue since then has stopped happening though. Not sure what or why.

  20. i tried everything, even refreshing my computer didnt work. some apps work but others like mail, weather, netflix, etc. go right back to the start menu a little after i click on them

  21. the metro won’t work. nothing works at all!
    i can’t change my account pic on my comp, i can’t add users. i can’t access anything. i can’t switch on bluetooth…this is killing me! please help!

  22. plus my computer is a dell inspiron 15R SE. and has a resolution of 1920*1080. i’ve tried all you’ve asked apart from the users thing because it isn’t working!

  23. and i don’t want to repair my computer because i’m afraid it’ll revert it back to factory settings and i’ll lose a lot of data.

  24. Hi Himadri, Recently have you installed any software? Which Antivirus are you using? Have you tried to reset your PC to previous Restore Point?
    Update your AV to latest definition. Do a virus scan, ensure your PC is virus free. If 3rd part Antivirus, uninstall. Without AV, dont connect to net. Try these.
    Next we will do a clean boot & see if issue continues.
    Run msconfig, & on the Services tab >Tick, Hide all Microsoft service & click on Disable All. From Startup tab, click on ‘Open task manager’
    In Task manager >Startup tab, disable each startup item , Restart your PC & check.
    Try these

    Before doing all, these take a back up of any important files,data etc.

  25. well…i installed some games and my AV mcafee said that a trojan was detected and that it needed to restart but i didn’t. I don’t want to lose any of my software by doing a system restore. i can’t update and my windows update window just hangs each time i want to access it. My mcafee is at auto update. i just don’t want to lose any games or programs…

  26. You’ll have to clean the trojan. Can you tell what’s name of trojan it detected? Start your PC in Safe mode and clean the trojan. Safe mode with network/internet if you need to update your definitions. Chk if it has been updated manually to latest definition even if its set to auto. To go to Safe mode Press F8 (in most of the PCs or chk with what your PC says) on restart before you get the Win logo or check these

    And also let me know what’s the last good reset point its set for your PC ?

  27. I followed all steps above and when I go to my windows start screen I cant launch the APP store (I click on the green logo with the bag on it) and it pops up and instantly disappears.

  28. I am having the exact same thing, I click on the STORE tile and it opens and the instantly disappears. When I try and click on MAIL or PEOPLE for instance, nothing at all happens!!! One thing I have found out though, is that if you download anything from the new Internet Explorer 11, it causes mayhem with your Windows 8 computer!

  29. no fuck that shit. when I update windows to 8.1 I expect the update to make my windows 8 experience better, not 90% worse. my metro is absolutely pointless now and I can’t use webcam capture now.
    I’m not going to go through all this bullshit just to make it functional again when this stupid update caused the dilemma

  30. I already put the UAC to default, and I have another user.But when I click or touch the tiles they move, but do not open the app

  31. somebody please help me, this happened for a few days already. I cant use outlook ,messaging ,bla bla bla everything!

  32. can someone help me like, NOW? cuz im only 12 and nobody here can figure out this problem…..

    Neh, just kidding. But seriously, I need to fix this problem quick.

  34. As much time I have WASTED on trying to fix an update to”improve” my Windows 8 (along with everyone else) I have tried all that has been suggested! FYI to the developers I do not work as an IT Tech!!!! Maybe one of you should come up with a program that works!!!!

  35. monstro.. o post fala que vc tem q estar com resolução de PELO MENOS 1024×768.. a sua está acima disso, então ta tudo certo seu xexelento..

  36. What drives me insane is that these “Live Tiles” aren’t really live at all. If you have a Live Tile for a news app for instance, or indeed the Windows Store. Shouldn’t a click on the tile take you to the information it was showing on the Tile? Drives me nuts.

  37. Haha, don’t know, man, sorry. And also I’m sorry for don’t reply you earlier. Hope you’d found the solution somehow. Regards.

  38. There is an issue with windows 10 tials where the tials frequently, either won’t come up any more, are showing as blank, or come up but will not activate when they are clicked on. I have this happen very frequently, especially after putting my computer to sleep, or playing a video game. From the reports I have seen, this is due to the tial cache getting corrupted, and therefore, this can reset, by shutting down explorer and the shell experience host, and deleting the tial cache. I have discovered a batch file script that makes this easy.
    @echo off
    taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
    taskkill /f /im shellexperiencehost.exe
    timeout /t 3 /NOBREAK > nul
    del %localappdata%PackagesMicrosoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewyTempState* /q
    timeout /t 2 /NOBREAK > nul
    start explorer
    @echo on
    This script will reset the problem and make the tiles work properly again.
    That said, I am still looking for a more permanent fix for this problem. If anyone has figured it out, please let me know, because I have to use this script way too often.

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