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JAVT for Windows 10 is more than a Speech Recognition Tool

Text to speech has long been a popular thing among users of Windows, though with the rise of artificial intelligence, and tools such as Cortana, Google Now, and Alexa, many texts to speech programs have taken a backseat. In fact, […]

Precision compass

Best free Compass apps for Windows 10

This is the generation of travelers, explorers, free birds, and bloggers. People want to explore new places on their own. They don’t want the interruption of a travel guide or a team of strangers. This is why the dependency on […]

custom hotkeys Windows 10

HotKeyz lets you create custom Windows 10 Hotkeys

Windows 10 comes with tons of keyboard shortcuts that you can use daily. However, if you need something more, which allows you to create your custom hotkeys, then today, we have free software. LeoMoon HotKeyz will enable you to create […]

PhotoFilmStrip is a free slideshow maker for Windows 10

PhotoFilmStrip is a free slideshow maker for Windows 10

When it comes to making a slideshow, Microsoft PowerPoint tops the list every time. However, if you do not have Office subscription and you want to make a simple image slideshow for school or office project, you can check out […]

Manage or Stop Windows 10 Update using WAU Manager

Windows Update has evolved with time, and now there are plenty of features that give more control to the end-user. We have seen functions like pausing Updates, making sure it takes user permission, deferring updates, and even delaying Feature Updates […]

Free Garageband alternatives for Windows 10 PC

Garageband is one of the must-have apps on Apple iOS for those who are interested in creating music, but sadly, the tool is not available on Windows 10 at this time. Well, it is available, but one has to run […]