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10 best free fast File Copy software for Windows 10 PC

One of the most common of functions on Windows systems is cut, copy, and paste. The easiest way to do so is to drag the file across folders or use keyboard shortcuts to perform the functions – Cut-CTRL+X, Copy-CTRL+C, Paste-CTRL+V. […]

One Commander is a free alternate File Manager for Windows 10

Windows File Explorer offers elementary functions, and to get things rather quickly is difficult. Most of the time is wasted navigating between folders and finding them. This calls the need for alternate software for Explorer, and today we are talking about […]

10 best Card and Board Games for Windows 10 PC

This is where fun joins a company with intelligence. Board games give us the sense superiority of strategy and the feeling of blowing something up when you get the wrong number or suit. And, having them on our Windows 10 […]

Use 3nity Media Player to watch movies and burn DVDs

We love a good media player, one that can perform multiple tasks. Most media players available for Windows 10 today tend to bring several features to the table, and the same can be said for 3nity Media Player. Here’s the […]

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Free for Windows computers

Security is one of the most important aspects of any modern device. Easier access to the internet has made more devices connected and vulnerable at the same time. If you talk about Windows, there are numerous free Antivirus software available […]

Best Facebook Messenger clients for Windows 10

If you use Facebook to chat with friends, clients, relatives, etc. and you do not want to use an additional browser window for this purpose, then you can use one of these Facebook Messenger clients for Windows 10. Facebook allows […]

ArtMoney Game Cheater helps you cheat in a video game

When playing role-playing games (RPG) or some strategy games, there might come a time when more money is needed to get things done. The money issue tends to show its ugly head in strategy games more than anything else, and […]

3D viewer Best Microsoft Windows App

12 Best Free Microsoft Store apps for Windows 10 – 2019

Microsoft Store has some excellent apps. While most of us still use desktop software, we have curated a list of best free Microsoft Store apps for Windows 10. These apps range from learning category to editing images to the media server […]

TOff is a Power Saver & Shutdown Scheduler for Windows PC

Shutting down or putting your computer into hibernation at a certain date and time is possible right now with Windows 10. However, if you’re looking for an easier option to get the job done, then we’d like to recommend a […]

10 best free Racing Games for PC from the Microsoft Store

When the Need For Speed series was launched, and gamers suddenly started shifting towards racing games, little did they know that their interest was in something that would become the most expensive niche in the gaming market. Best free Racing […]