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How to automatically empty Recycle Bin in Windows 10

The Recycle Bin has been around in Windows for quite some time now. It is a very convenient feature which has made its special place inside the operating system. But at the same time, the Recycle Bin also takes up […]

Edit audio like a pro with Ocenaudio for Windows 10

Over the many years, we’ve covered a lot of audio editors, quite a few were too complicated for the average Joe or Jane to use properly. With that in mind, we decided to search around for something more user-friendly. After […]

How to get Mac Mouse cursor & pointer on Windows 10

When it comes to choosing a computer, whether to pick a Mac or a computer running Windows OS is overwhelming. Both Windows and Mac have their own pros and cons, making both viable choices. While Windows is popular and is […]

OpenCPN aims to deliver quality navigation on the open seas

Having quality navigation tools while out at sea is very important, especially for life and death situations. Now, the tool we’re going to talk about is called OpenCPN, and from what we can tell, it works quite well. Here’s the […]

android phone webcam

Use your Android mobile phone as a Webcam for streaming

Streaming on the Internet is growing to be yet another career path taken by many. This stands to be another way for one to build their upon and share their skills and knowledge. But while using some desktops, webcam or […]

Manage Windows Startup items using HiBit Startup Manager

Does your computer start slow? Well, Windows computers do require some regular maintenance and cleaning. And the most important culprits hindering the performance of your computer are applications that start up automatically with Windows. Such applications make the computer take […]

Apex Legends game for Windows PC

Apex Legends game for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Electronic Arts along with Respawn Entertainment published and developed a new free to play battle royale game called Apex Legends. This game is set in the same universe as Titanfall and has recently been released for Windows PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation […]

How to install & play PUBG Lite on Windows 10

PUBG Mobile has been a huge success. It has literally changed the gaming scene in India and similar developing markets. Being free to play and download is something that makes it accessible to more audience. But the only limitation being […]


Concenturio is a freeware Alarm Reminder for Windows PC

For many of us, our day typically starts with the sound of our alarm ringing and reminders showing our engagements for the day. As such, carefully-set alerts and reminders can come handy in managing the day-to-day events. Concenturio, a freeware […]

Easily create 3D images with Picolay for Windows PC

It’s safe to say that 3D is no longer hot on the lips of consumers when compared to a few years in the past. At that time, companies were adding 3D tech to televisions and other consumer products, and everyone […]