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How to install Gen-X Kodi add-on

This guide is an explanation of the installation procedure for the Gen-X Kodi add-on and Kodi Leia 18.1. It could be used for all Kodi supported platforms like Amazon FireStick, FireStick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Mac, Linux, Windows, etc. The […]

Fldigi is the perfect digital mode tool for all radio amateurs

Are you into creating Amateur Radio Digital Modes via your personal computer (PC)? Then you’re in the right place. We recently came across a tool known as Fldigi (Fast Light Digital Modem Application) and while we’re no expert, we still […]

Best Zombie games for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store

Zombies have taken over everything, starting from Netflix to Amazon Prime. So, Microsoft will not stay behind. You find a collection of games from tower defence plans to first-person shooter strategies. Here is my list of the best Zombie games […]

LibreOffice Review: Productivity software & free alternative to Office

LibreOffice is a popular productivity software and a free alternatives to Microsoft Office suite. It is widely used to create professional documents like brochures, newsletter, graphs, charts, thesis, technical drawings, budget reports, marketing reports, and many more. One good thing […]

Distort and merge images with Contort for Windows 10

Distorting and merging images is not as simple as it seems when using some of the popular tools out there. If these things are primarily what you’re looking to do, then we suggest checking out a specialized program. Today, we’re […]

myLauncher for Windows 10

Launch files easily with myLauncher for Windows 10

Windows 10 users might not know it, but there are several free launchers available for download on the web. We’ve heard more about launchers on Android because they are needed more by the end users, but that doesn’t mean great […]

Parsec lets you stream games from your Windows computer

PC Gaming has come a long way and people are now playing all sorts of games on their computers. But who would have thought that instead of playing games on our computer, we will stream them from somewhere else? The […]

Best free Game Backup software for Windows PC

The most difficult part about buying or building a new computer is moving your data from the old one. And when it comes to games, it gets even trickier. Games are difficult to back up as there is a lot […]

Use My Family Tree to keep track of your genealogy with ease

The tool we’re going to talk about today is one designed to help those who are interested in studying their family’s history. You see, when it comes down to conducting research on genealogy, it’s never easy, but with My Family […]