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How to unblock YouTube videos

How to unblock YouTube videos on restricted networks

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website. Every major video is published like trailers, gameplay, etc. are on YouTube. But as a source of distraction, many networks at places like the offices, schools, colleges, and some private networks. In […]

Best free Comic Book Readers for Windows 10

Reading comic books is something that everyone enjoys. If you are an ardent fan of comic books, who loves to explore everything the world of comic books has to offer, you probably are on the right stop. As a comic […]

Feedreader Sort Categories

FeedReader Online & Offline Tips for effective reading

Love reading articles on RSS feeds? Do you need to keep a tab on tons of articles everyday? You need to check out FeedReader. It’s not only one of the most popular feed readers, but it also is among the few […]

free software for windows 10

Best free software for Windows 10 in 2019

The best part about the Windows ecosystem is that it has a lot of cool, useful free software available for the operating system. Free software is the heart of Windows 10, and if you want to get the best out […]

help you take a break from Computer screens

5 Apps to help you take a break from Computer screens

We all know how bad it is to continuously stare at our computer screens. In this day and age computers form an essential part of the workspace and instead of avoiding the screens we should take some precautionary steps. In […]

Best free Video Game recording software for Windows 10

You’re a gamer and considering the possibility of recording games for the purpose of uploading to YouTube and other media websites. Well, we’re here to say it’s not difficult, and you’re not required to spend any money on recording software […]

Advanced Privacy tool

Private Win10 is an Advanced Windows 10 Privacy Tool

Privacy is important. Windows offers a dedicated section for this. Here you can configure what data Windows and other apps can access. However, if you wish to control even more, and looking for a simple interface, today we have PrivateWin10. This […]

How to convert MOV video files to MP4

Converting videos is an easy task if you know which apps to use and the best online platform to take advantage of. You see, the MP4 video format is the most popular and widely used, so is it possible to […]