Google Inactive Account Manager lets you plan for your Google Account after your death

No one lives for ever! While one may make a Legal Will to distribute his or her assets, among heirs, after death, very few think about or plan for their online digital assets. You make posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and other social networking sites. You have emails that contain all types of information. No one really pays much attention to Digital Assets Management! Ever wondered what happens to all these online digital assets after your death ?

Google Inactive Account Manager

Inactive Account Manager from Google allows you to plan for your Google Account after your death. This feature will let you tell Google what should be done with the contents of your Google account after your death and who should have access to it. This way, you know that after you, your loved one will be able to access your Google Account.

To enable this feature in your account, visit your Google Accounts Settings page and click on “Control what happens to your account when you stop using Google. Learn more and go to setup“.


This will take you to the Inactive Account Manager page.

Google Inactive Account Manager

Click on Setup and configure the settings to suit your needs.

When you stop using your Google Account for an extended period, Google will put you in control. You can ask Google to contact you on a mobile number or on an alternate email ID. You can set a time-out period and even up to 10 trusted friends or family members. You also have the option to have the account deleted.

I think its a great feature and all online websites, social networking sites, etc. should introduce such a feature.

It is time to take Online Digital Assets Management seriously.

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