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Why should we use a VPN

What is a VPN, and Why should we use a VPN?

If you are like most people, you spend a lot of your time online. Finding a way to keep your identity and your personal information safe should be something you are passionate about. Failing to take cyber-security seriously can lead […]

Best 5 free Hindi typing software for Windows 10 PC

On many occasions, we feel the need to enter text in a language different from English. For example, when you are requested to submit an assignment in your language, deliver a lecture or take a typing test in Hindi, you […]

Best free OCR software for Windows 10

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the conversion of images containing text into machine-encoded text, maybe from a scanned document. It means taking the text from a photo of a document and being able to paste it in a text […]

WinCDEmu is great for mounting Disk images on Windows 10

Today we’ve decided to talk about an emulator we recently came across that is known as WinCDEmu. It’s an open-source free-to-use tool, and from our days of testing it out, we can certainly say it’s worth your time. WinCDEmu is […]

W10Privacy lets you Turn off Windows 10 Privacy Settings

With a lot of data leaks and revelations happening, everyone is concerned about their privacy. And whatever device you use, having proper settings to ensure maximum privacy is a must. This post talks about freeware for Windows that lets you […]

How to set up and use Docker Desktop on Windows

Are you a developer and getting started with containerization? Containerization is the new trend these days and it makes your existing application system-independent and more reliable. If you are just a beginner and getting started with tools like Docker, then […]

Best real life simulation games available for Windows 10 PC

Simulation games are games which mimic real-life scenarios and bring them forward as games. These games do not necessarily need to be high-end with realistic graphics. The concept is that they should be based on real-life situations. As much as […]