RuckZuck is a free Software Package Manager for Windows

With the passage of the time, security loop-holes start surfacing in operating systems and the software that runs on them. As such, it becomes essential to plug these holes, so as to keep your system and personal information safe. RuckZuck is a free Software Package Manager for Windows, that can help you keep the software on your System(s) up to date, even if the Software is not associated with it in any remote way.

RuckZuck Freeware


RuckZuck helps you install, manage & update your installed software. The tool also provides a wizard to create and upload new Software entries to the repository.

The specifics of the tool include an easy to use graphical user-interface. Getting access to RuckZuck is pretty straightforward. Simply visit the link mentioned at the end of the article, download and install the program with few mouse clicks. To make the procedure of the installation much simpler, RuckZuck features an ingenious wizard to help you create and upload new program to the existing repository.

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Professional Users can use the RuckZuck OneGet Provider – an extension to manage Packages from the RuckZuck with simple PowerShell commands. the good part is, it comes as a part of Windows10, you just have to install the Provider. However, if you have older version of Windows OS installed, you will be required to install OneGet

For Enterprise Admins, there’s RuckZuck for ConfigMgr to integrate Software from the RuckZuck repository in System Center Configuration Manager.

Working principle of RuckZuck

It’s pretty simple! The tool has the property of memory. It can find the links to the latest versions of software and the parameters how the software can be installed silently. So if you update or install a software, the tool downloads the file(s) from the vendor’s web-site, checks for the veracity of the file (whether valid or not) and just triggers a silent install.

The RuckZuck tool is a completely free software. Interested users can find the published version here.

There are several free software update checkers that can help you keep your installed software updated to the latest version. Use the one which suits your needs the best.

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