PowerPlanSwitcher lets you quickly change Power Plans in Windows 10

Do you change Power Plans a lot? How about a handy little application that can switch between power plans in a jiffy? PowerPlanSwitcher is a free Windows Store application that lets you change between different Power Plans on your Windows computer. The app is very minimal and runs from the system tray itself. It is styled like the default Windows 10 flyout dialogs. You can place it near the battery icon and it would fit in like a default feature.

The previous versions of Windows used to have this feature where you could change power plan from the battery icon in the system tray. But Windows 10 lost that functionality and this app can add almost the same functionality back.

Quickly change Power Plans on Windows 10

change Power Plans Windows

PowerPlanSwitcher comes with some essential features that make the entire process of changing a power plan a lot easier. To change your current plan, just hit the plug icon and then select your plan! Alternatively, you can enable shortcut hotkeys and then access that menu by simply hitting Shift+Win+S.

Another interesting feature about this tool is the automatic change in schema while (dis)connection of AC adapter. You can set which plan should be applied when the AC adapter is connected or disconnected. Now, whenever you change the charging state; your desired plan will automatically be applied. All the settings mentioned can be changed by right-clicking the same plug-shaped icon.

The most important question that arises is whether the app is compatible with custom Power Plans or just the default ones? Well, yes PowerPlanSwitcher is compatible with custom power plans. You can enable/disable custom plans from settings and you can limit the flyout to default Windows 10 plans as well.

I’ve been using a custom power plan for gaming these days. I’ve created a power plan with maximum performance and highest brightness so that I can make the best of my gaming experience. And this tool comes handy whenever I want to change the power plan before opening a game.

The autorun feature starts the application automatically on Windows startup so that you don’t have to open it every time.

PowerPlanSwitcher free download

PowerPlanSwitcher is a great Windows Store app. It has no UI as such and only operates from the system tray. It can be easily accessed and the keyboard shortcuts come handy as well. PowerPlanSwitcher is an install-and-forget kind of application that can integrate well into our daily computing activities. There are other power plan switchers available as well but this application is better than the others just because of its seamless integration. We expect more features in the following updates of the application.

Click here to download PowerPlanSwitcher. The program is open-source and the entire code is available to download at GitHub. You can include the code into any of your projects freely.

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