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PowerToys Shortcut

How to install PowerToys on Windows 10

If you been using Windows for long, I am sure you remember tools like Tweak UI and SyncToy. There were add-ons from Microsoft to improve the Windows experience further. The project came during Windows XP times, and now we have […]

How to use PowerRename on PowerToys for Windows 10

How to use PowerRename PowerToy for Windows 10

We earlier reported that Microsoft has revived and re-released PowerToys. However, in the initial release, it only had two utilities of FancyZones and Shortcut Guide. They have now pushed an update to PowerToys bringing it to version 0.12.0. This new […]

Free software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

Free software to list installed Drivers on Windows 10

Device Drivers in Windows 10 make sure all the connected hardware work fine when used by the operating system. While Windows 10 offers Device Manager to locate and list all the device driver details, it’s too cumbersome and time taking. […]