Backup the data you love easily with Auslogics BitReplica

We are living in a digital world where all our memories are in the form of pictures, videos, and documents stored on hard disk of our computers. Even our favorite music collection is also stored in our PC. We cannot afford losing them at any cost but disasters can come uninvited. So, the question is that have you planned properly to deal with any accident?

You cannot stop any accident but you can control the damage by playing safe. The best strategy is to back up important data on a regular basis. We have already covered many free backup software for Windows. Auslogics BitReplica is another free tool for backing up files stored on your Windows 7 PC.

It helps you to protect your data from being lost due to a hard drive crash, virus attack or accidental deletion. It also manages the multiple hard drives easily even if they are on a network.

The tool is so intelligent that it lets you specify file groups to back up, such as Internet Explorer favorites or Windows Mail contacts, or select individual folders to back up under each profile you create.

How to use BitReplica for creating backups

First you need to download and install BitReplica on your Windows PC.

Now, you need to create a backup profile which stores the settings you specify for the backup operation. To create a profile, Click on New Profile button. You can create multiple profiles according to your requirements.

Now in next few steps, you need to select the folders and files which you want to backup and the location where you want to store that backup. It is always preferred to back up on an external hard drive instead of the same local disk.

You can also select the backup type and schedule the backup profile for auto maintenance (launch it manually or have it run automatically once every hour, day or week).

Choose a profile name for easy remembrance and in next step review your profile and start backing up your important files.

To restore files from a backup, you simply select it in the list of backups created under a specific profile and click Restore. You can also explore the folder where the backup was saved and select individual files from it instead of restoring the whole folder.

Auslogics BitReplica  is a 5.4MB download and works on all versions of Windows. I am sure you will enjoy using this free backup software. Go here to download it.

This is all about one of my favorite data backup tools. Do you any favorite data backup tool? Do share with us in the comments.

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