Comparison Chart: Windows Phone Mobile Devices Features, Specs, Price, Availability

Making its way from the Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft blended its mobile operating system with a truly extraordinary Metro User Interface giving rise to a totally revamped operating system named as ‘Windows Phone’.

Aiming at the consumer market, the Windows Phone operating system was initially released in 2010. Its introduction into the smart phone market was a tough fight, for the two well-known players, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android were already well-entrenched. Since then, competing the two demons, Windows Phone 7 is making its way to the top.

Today there are a number of Windows Phone powered mobile phones from manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG. The recent company to enter this game was the Nokia, bringing Lumia, an exclusive name for the Windows Phone 7 family. These phones have counted in popularizingย  this operating system.

Windows Phone devices stand next to the Android phones and iPhones. Since the demand for Windows Phone devices has gradually increased, this has led to and increase in the device’s count. As a result, it has become rather confusing for prospective customers to decide which Windows Phone to buy.

Windows Phone Handsets Comparison Chart

To help out, our team member Varad Chaudhari has made an Infographic / Comparison Chart which features all the Windows Phone powered phones till date.

The chart compares for each mobile phone, its Form Factor, Screen size, Resolution, Display panels, processors, RAM, Camera positions, Storage, Sensors, networks, Battery, Physical dimensions, weight, colors available, availability in the market, prices and more.

Check it out.


Click on the image to see the full large version.

Note: the chart has been updated, to reflect the points raised in the comments.

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  1. Musthafa Ullal

    This chart will really help the Windows Phone Buyers. Great work done by Varad!

  2. Awesome Job Varad. Thanks for this detailed comparison ๐Ÿ™‚ Nokia Lumia 900 is going to be my next Windows Phone…

  3. Nick Hamilton

    what about my acer neotouch s200 ??

  4. awesome chart, I would like to make a correction, the samsung focus s is a 4g phone but its not LTE its hspa+ or something like that but I know its not LTE
    Great Job

  5. awesome chart, I would like to make a correction, the samsung focus s is a 4g phone but its not LTE its hspa+ or something like that but I know its not LTE
    Great Job

  6. Acer Neotouch S200 doesn’t come under Windows Phone OS, its Windows Mobile 6.5.

  7. My bad! Yes, though it is 4G it won’t run on LTE instead it will have 4G-capable speeds on AT&Tโ€™s HSPA+

  8. JasonSCarter

    Only comment I have, is the HTC Trophy in the US on Verizon has 16GB, might want to do a 8GB / 16GB on that one.

  9. GREAT! I love the look of the original infographic that came out in 2010 but I’ll take this!

  10. Nice chart. One minor correction: the HTC Trophy does have a compass (I use it for Skymap on a regular basis!).

  11. mlekas

    The Samsung Focus S only ships in 16GB form from AT&T. Can you show a link to where it is available in 32GB? Otherwise I think the chart needs to be updated.

  12. narmez

    i appreciate your effort

  13. Darrell

    Might want to do this with the 7 Pro/Arrive as well

  14. Thank’s for the tip, chart updated!

  15. Thanks, chart is updated!

  16. 32GB is mentioned everywhere but only 16GB variant is on sale. Thank’s for making a note of that, chart is updated accordingly ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Right choice, yet amazing phone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just waiting for the hands-on review of it.

  18. bajcsj

    Great info. Any chance you could include this as an excel or other sortable/copy-able file? I’d like to use it to filter out some phones and see others next to each other.
    Thanks again for doing this!

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