Continue Tasks From iPhone on Windows 10 with Continue on PC App

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for PC, adds support for linking your iPhone device to a PC. It has been made possible with a new feature ‘Continue on PC’ that allows users of iOS and Android mobile operating systems to share their browsing session to the PC. This added capability will let users share files directly from their smartphone to their PC with few taps.

Continue on PC feature in Windows 10 for iOS

The feature will be visible under the Settings panel of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update build. By accessing it, one can readily link their phone with a PC. Once a user links his PC, he receives an SMS with a link to the app store to download and install the app.

continue on pc

Once you have installed the iPhone app from Microsoft from on your iOS device, all you need to do is simply press the Share button in your iPhone’s or iPad’s browser and pick the option that reads “Continue on PC.” The first time you do this, you’ll be prompted to log in with a Microsoft account.

This means it’s mandatory to have a Microsoft Account to enable this feature. If you do not have it, it’s advisable to create one before proceeding with other steps. Also, note that the account should be the same account as on the PC.

Continue Tasks From iPhone on Windows 10

When you are at a website you want to view on your PC, simply invoke the native share experience on your iPhone and share the website to the “Continue on PC” option. You might need to click the “…” or “More” to add this test app to your share menu.

As of now, there are two options available for each browsing session, namely

  1. Continue now
  2. Continue later

The second option puts the session in the Action Center, letting you resume it at the desired time. The icon for Action Center can be found on the right-hand side of the Windows task bar.

Please note that this is the early version of the app. As such, its development is not complete, and you might experience some issues on your Windows 10 Insider Preview build. For instance, some users who tried their hands on the early version reported that after clicking the Continue on PC app (Continue now or Continue later) they experienced a drop in performance. This is likely to be corrected in future versions. For now, this “integration” works more like the Pocket app and lets users share URLs from their phone’s browser to the one on their personal computer.

See how you can link Android phone or iPhone to Windows 10 PC.

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  1. Terence Riley

    Hey Anand, it’s a great concept. The two polar opposites having a link. If only it worked! I’m in Win 10 Dev Insider Program and my laptop reboots every 2 weeks wheather I want it to or not. It’s all good ? but Contiue on PC doesn’t work. I’ve reinstalled the app, I’ve double checked WiFi and enabled the laptop. No dice. I just need a few hundred more dollars for a MBP, but I just heard that Apple is going to release a 32GB version in early 2018. Finally. Weld the RAM in place if it’s 32, I’ll live with that and not worry about an app.

  2. Daniel Fiore

    Even with the continue on PC app on my iPhoen 7+ and after registering from the PC with a text, “Continue on PC” is not an option after tapping “more”. I even opened Safari and signed into my Microsoft account, but my phone doesn’t show up as a linked device, and when you click to find it, Windows 10 only offers options for Windows phones. Some advice?

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