Windows Live Photo Gallery vs. iPhoto vs. Picasa Comparision Chart


  1. The ability to re-size photos is a feature I love in Windows Live Photo that is absent from Picasa.(I do not know about iPhoto, I have not tried it yet. Very helpful when mailing or uploading larger pictures!

  2. WL photo gallery have became a much better application that Picasa. The only thing that is not available is the video editing, but with the WL movie maker i do not need anything else.

  3. Picasa is still the best app.

    No matter where on the computer your mom saves those holiday photos Picasa will find them instantly. Plus Picasa runs on linux too.

  4. Hey guys, really appreciate the positive feedback on the new Windows Live! What is your favorite feature, or a feature you’d like to see added to Photo Gallery?

    Windows Outreach Team

  5. I would like to see a feature to Blur a selected portion of an Image, this is required when you wants to Insert an image, blurring a portion, such as someones address/mailID etc.

    If this feature can be implemented in WL Writer also then that will also be nice.

  6. I’d really like the ability in WLP to change the backdrop colours the photos are set against (at least give the option of a standard neutral grey or something). Beyond that, any chance of PSD image support (for those photos that may have been edited in Photoshop)? As a former mac-only guy, I can only say ‘congrats!’ on your application!

  7. WLG 2011 really needs the ability to edit NEF files. Picasa has this already. It is the one thing keeping me from switching over.

  8. Long time picasa user and just started messing with WLP recently. My #1 gripe with picasa is it auto-corrects raw files (.CR2). Now it only does this for picasa to view it the actual file is unchanged but if I bracketed an image (took one normal exposure, one that’s too dark, one that’s too bright for hdr) picasa will end up showing them all the same level, but the dark one will have more noise in the image and the bright one will have some weird colors in the highlight areas. I’ve been hoping they would fix that but doesn’t seem like it’s happening any time soon.

    WLP it has you download the cr2 codec from canon and it can then see the photos and renders them to what the raw files look like straight out of the camera. Any modifications I’ve done in DPP (canon’s app for working with raw files) don’t show up but I don’t care about that, just want an accurate representation of the file so I know which ones have been purposely over or under exposed.

    My issues with WLP include the ribbon interface (never been a fan of it), it will only see folders you’ve added to your photo library (again, not a fan of that for photos) but being able to truely see what the raw files look like may outweigh those concerns.

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