Photopus, a speedy photo editing software for Windows

Photo editing is always amazing and full of excitement, but there is always a question in your mind regarding the best program that will fit your need? Many a times you may need to edit multiple images either for uploading to a social site or for some other purpose. So, will you edit these images individually? Perhaps No, because you have Photopus that allows you to perform batch image processing in a single operation.

Free Photo editing software

Photopus is a simple photo editing software for Windows 8 | 7, using which you can resize, convert, rename, add-effects and transform your images. It allows you to customize your image in an easy way. It comes with many filters, effects and adjustments that will raise the quality of your image. If you want, you can import an entire folder of photos and perform many operations. When using Photopus you have a straightforward control over the button, that can take some time to learn, but once you are used to it the end product will be great.

Features of the application:

  • Easily navigable interface
  • A multi page image supported
  • Supports almost all image formats
  • Batch editing for your photos
  • Fast image processing
  • Add entire folder of photos

Using Photopus

This photo editing software has an amazing toolbox full of editing tools and options. It includes three major steps to enhance your images:

a speedy photo editing software

1. Add Photos Photopus is simple to use photo editing software. You can import photos one by one or an entire folder by clicking on the add photos button. That will open a pop page from where you can select a particular image or an entire folder to edit.

 a speedy photo editing software 2. Add Filters – Photopus is capable of repairing an old or not so good photograph to a perfect image. Its process is quick even when you are applying filters to the image. It supports filters like a watermark, transform, adjust color and much more. You can apply all these filters to your image by clicking on the add filter button. You can crop, rotate, and resize photos with the help of Photopus, a speedy photo editing software.

a speedy photo editing software

3. Output – Click on the output button to save your image after processing. Browse the location and mention the format in which you want to save your image.

a speedy photo editing software 4. Process – By clicking on the process button you can preview the changes made through every step before saving the images.

At the end, we can say that Photopus has some amazing features such as the ability to addentire folder of images, many filters and images and a great image processing speed. On the other handthis freeware would have been a clear winner had it included features such as drag and drop of image, ability to add watermark and support for RAW formats.

Photopus free download

Download Photopus from here and let us know your feedback.

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