Fix: Something Happened & Windows Store Is No Longer Working


  1. Hmm. Its odd that I had this issue on an upgrade and then needed this fix. The fix worked until I rebooted, then it just outright didn’t work.

  2. Windows refresh is the worst thing ever that you could do if you want your tiles and store to open. Windows 8 is a bad OS. Every other Windows is an OS fail.

  3. That 3 files are already being deleted but still it shows the same error.
    Please help what can I do.

  4. I can’t delete my edb.log – it says it’s being used by AppXSVC… Any way I can get around this?

  5. Hmm. How do you do that transparent window? Can you give me a link? Thanks…

  6. OH My Goodness what a hassle. This worked like a dream after I went through the nightmare of changing owner and then closing permission windows. I had to do the security changes for each file since changing the whole folder ran into security issues. It is TOTALLY unacceptable that these logs cannot be removed easily without resetting the PC – and worse it has forced us all to hack around with permissions which should be left alone. I understand why certain files need protecting as this stops users screwing around where they shouldn’t but the store LOG is hardly critical. And if it is supposed to be how come this fix has had NO IMPACT on my store other than to make it run again. UPDATE – the error returned and now the fix fails to work.

  7. If no AppRepository Folder Exist, create one in the same directory, then run cmd prompt as admin, and type without the quotes “powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.XML”

  8. I cant believe MS do not use this fix and instead want you to partially format windows o_O THANKS

  9. Easier than mucking about with permissions: perform an advanced startup from “PC Settings” -> Update and Recovery -> Recovery, then choose “Command Prompt”. Log in as any account which is a computer administrator, and you can switch to “C:” and then type “cd programdataMicrosoftwindowsapprepository” and press enter, and then easily apply this fix by running “rename edb*.log edb*.log.old”
    I just tried this way when the registry hack didn’t work, and this completely fixed my windows store.

  10. Thank you so much for this fix for Windows Store. I have been searching for months and tried countless fixes that did not work. This one did the trick

  11. This fix has left my computer badly broken. It fixed my windows store issue, but suddenly It thought none of my apps were installed, even though they were. I manually uninstalled my apps, and replaced them through the store, but now nothing will load. Anyone have any suggestions?

  12. Well again, the original problem has been fixed; the windows store is behaving fine. Its my apps now that are acting oddly.

    My windows store works fine now, but my metro apps are all messed up. At
    first, the store told me that all of the apps I had (and at that time
    worked) were all uninstalled; when I tried to install the apps that were
    already installed, I got a slurry of error
    messages from half, and the other half worked. I tried uninstalling the
    broken apps, and then reinstalling them, which fixed their errors in
    the store, but now none of them will open. I click on them, and they
    immediately crash.

    I wanted to avoid a system restore if I could, but I may not have a choice it looks like!

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