Apply Aero Glass Effect in Windows 8 with Glass 8


  1. From the homepage: “Disadvantage of this method is that you must turn the secure boot off.”
    This is a very important limitation, since it compromises the security of the system a lot, and you should explain in your article why most users should NOT install Glass 8. This tool should be installed only by experienced users that accept the risks.

  2. Agree with rol- at least tell us in the article; secondly, tell us how to disable secure boot; thirdly, can a user re-enable secure boot after installing and will glass 8 still work? Readers access this website for it’s expertise, which is much appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the link. So again, next steps – disable secure boot, run Glass 8, can the consumer then re-enable secure boot, and will glass8 still work?

  4. Well then I guess the makers of Glass 8 are going to have to find a secure boot workaround otherwise it’s going to die in the wind. People are not going to disable secure boot in 8.1 just to get a glass effect, especially when they can download themepacks that already have a transparent taskbar, which is what most people care about unless you are a custom themer …..*ahem* like myself who can create themes that already have transparent aspects of the theme without having to use a tool like this and without having to disable secure boot..

  5. Glass 8 has just about crashed my system (win 8.1 update 1) with an error popup that just keeps popping up, preventing me from doing anything else. Still working on it, but so far I’ve been unable to remove it. DONT DOWNLOAD GLASS 8!!!

  6. Just do a system restore. Then download the debug version from here: Then stop the aero process in the task manager then restart the DWM in the task manager. Then replace the DWMGlass.dll file with the win 8.1 update 1 DWMGlass.dll. Then restart. And I think secure boot should still be disabled.

  7. dont just say “DONT DOWNLOAD!!!” some people might have the right specs, motherboard and/or OS unlike you.

  8. you should be more concerned with the security on windows…Aw but then the little Anons would need brains to get hacking..I am disgusted that Microsoft has even joined in with the bullying warning me about copyright when i took a few images from google…Why have they no customer assistants…i have never had a question that suits what i am there for….WINDOWS BACKDOOR, FRONTDOOR…IN FACT I THINK ITS JUST ALL GLASS

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