Error 0x80073cf9 while installing Apps from Windows Store in Windows 10/8


  1. “Try to delete ‘OLE’ folder in Registry Editor”

    Please explain what this “OLE folder” is and where to find it.

  2. Start “run” (windows + R key) and type “regedit” (without quotes).
    It will run registry editor.
    Now press Ctrl + F button to start search dialog.
    Select “keys” and “match whole string only”, unselect “values” and “data”
    Type “OLE” (without quotes) and search it. It will find OLE folder.

    Disclaimer: I’m not sure deleting OLE folder is a good idea. This may lead inconsistent run in Windows.

  3. i have try to download the asphalt 8 airborne but after 74% it shows an error 0x80073cf9
    To Fix this I have Created The AUInstallAgent in C:Windows but it does not work

  4. Esto funciona Make sure the folder “AppReadiness” exists inside C:Windows, if it doesn’t exists, create it manually and leave it empty. Gracias.

  5. PROBLEMA NA LOJA WINDOWS 8 e 8.1 – Erro 0x80073cf9 – SOLUÇÃO:

    1) C:Windows
    2) Apague a pasta AUInstallAgent
    3) Criar PASTA chamada AppReadiness


  6. Hello Kapil,

    I had 2 apps with error code 0x80073cf0 and one with 0x80073cf9, then i did as you told above. It worked for …cf9, but I still have problem installing apps with ..cf0. Can you please help me?


  7. I finally removed all files and directories in:


    After cleanup, the broken apps installed without issues and can be started again.

  8. Was very helpful but din’t do the trick completely; it changed the msg tho and i had to start the Windows Firewall to install apps from the store !

  9. Windows 10 will not allow me to delete the Ole folder or subfolders or individual keys after using your find procedure. Thanks for trying…

  10. plz help me out. when i am downloading an app from windows8’s store, it says “your purchase couldn’t completed.this app can’t be purchase because your current internet connection is slow, try again using a different connection”

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