RealWorld Paint.COM – A fully portable, freeware image editor

RealWorld Paint.COM is a fully portable, freeware image editor. It allows you to edit pictures with layers and assign effects to every layer. A layer can have for example a bevel effect active giving all shapes a 3D look and feel.

RealWorld Paint.COM can also display images using any zoom factor and always shows 100% accurate preview of the drawn shape. Tooltips are displayed throughout the user interface to explain meaning of controls.

freeware picture editor

After a geometric shape is added to an image, control handles appear and users can further adjust the shape. New points can be added to poly-lines, curves and polygons by dragging a handle of an edge.

Major features of RealWorld Paint.COM

* Layers with effects (similar to Photoshop layer styles)
* SRGB optimized blending for extra smooth edges
* create custom filters in JavaScript
* compatible with Photoshop .8bf filter plug-ins
* Draw with Vista-glass-like effect
* Portable – runs on Windows 7 & Windows Vista too (.net NOT needed)
* Control the application with mouse gestures.

You can download it from its Home Page.

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  1. rodolfo

    Great app for those who like to draw.

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