Prevent unauthorized use of USB and other removable media with NetWrix’s USB Blocker

At times you want that no one else should be able to plug in a USB in your Windows PC. The reasons could be many. Maybe for security reasons or simply to stay safe from viruses that a USB may carry. This article would tell you about the USB blockers. We will talk of a good free USB Blocker: NetWrix’s USB-Blocker.

Rather than using hardware components, we can use this free software to block USB ports, so that if we want to unlock them immediately, you can do that. If you are cybercafé owner, a lab operator or your PC is connected to a public network you will definitely like this tool because sometimes nobody will be able to plug in a USB and put in the CD in the CD drive or send you files from network or share some files at network, which could result in some malware infection.

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NetWrix’s USB Blocker

NetWrix’s USB Blocker not only offers to block USB’s on your PC’s, but also offers to block removable media in network. You can see who has plugged in any removable device in his computer from the network. Its installation process however may not be so easy for many.

USB Blocker doesn’t integrate as smoothly into Windows environment as other similar tools. It is a tool for geeks! There are some configuration changes which are detailed in the Administrator’s guide. You need compatibility of IIS, .NET, ASP on your machine – only then you can run the application.

Installing and configuring USB Blocker is best done by a Windows guru. However home users may need to take help of user guide but you can manage to get it installed. The freeware edition of this software supports 50 managed computers and provides full technical support in the network. You can use it as individual or in an organization, it would cost you nothing and  it is the best tool for your requirements to block USBs and CDs.

You can get freeware NetWrix’s USB-Blocker here.

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