Safely remove USB devices with RemoveDrive, a free command-line tool

Well, all of you ‘safely remove’ USB drives while pulling them out of your PC. Yes, you can do so via the notification area icon and clicking on ‘Safely remove your hardware’. But it sometimes may show some error message or sometimes the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box does not appear. We have already seen a 3rd party tool USB Disk Ejector, that allows you to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. RemoveDrive is another such tool.

Safely remove USB software

RemoveDrive is a free command-line tool which will help to ensure you don’t lose data when working with USB drives. It lets you safely remove your USB drive, preventing the loss of your data. Before you start using it, you have to set your preferences first. The application runs just as you run your PC’s CMD – it doesn’t have any user interface.

How to setup RemoveDrive:

  1. Unzip the files from the ZIP file.
  2. Open the folder in which you have unzipped the content.
  3. You can see two folders that are “Win32” and “x64”, open “Win32” if you are using 32 Bit operating system else open “x64” if you are using 64 Bit Operating System.
  4. Do not open the file “RemoveDrive.exe”.
  5. Copy the file and paste the shortcut anywhere you want.
  6. Now right-click on the shortcut and click on Properties.
  7. At the target text box at the very last, give a space and the put a “and then put the drive letter you may see the image or the e.g. below for better understanding. E.g. D:\removedrive\Win32\RemoveDrive.exe “h:
  8. Next click on “Apply” and then click on “OK”.
  9. Now open the application, it will run very fast, and you will be able to see the word “success” in green color. This means that your USB is successfully removed.

If you haven’t plugged in you USB drive, but you eject it via RemoveDrive, there no need to worry. It would show you a window like the image below:

I’ve created different shortcuts for different drive letters and this makes it very easy for me to safely eject my USB drive, without any problem. I would say it is a great utility to safely remove your USB drive and it even gives you some exposure to coding too.

Click here to download RemoveDrive.

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