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Make a bootable Windows 10 USB on Linux

How to create a Windows 10 bootable USB on Linux

You’re all pretty much familiar with the procedure involved in creating a Windows 10 bootable media on computers running Windows operating system. In this post, we will show you the procedure to create a Windows 10 bootable USB/CD on computers […]

USB Security key is not working

USB Security key is not working on Windows 10

USB Security Keys are a secure medium to authenticate various components on a computer. Security keys can be used to log in to Windows 10. With the advancement of web APIs a user can authenticate across websites as well, using […]

USB tethering Setup Windows 10

How to set up USB tethering on Windows 10

This post will show you how to set up USB tethering on Windows 10 & share your phone’s mobile data to access the internet on other devices. Tethering is usually understood as WiFi Tethering, which allows the users to share […]

How to prevent installation of Removable Devices on Windows 10

Windows 10 supports installation and use of a variety of Removable devices. This includes plug and plays mouse, keyboard, and other USB based devices. However, this could pose a threat to the integrity of a computer system, and hence, some […]

Power surge on the USB port

Fix Power surge on the USB port error on Windows 10

Like every other port, USB ports also come with power rating. The default power output of a standard USB port is 0.5 amperes. If you notice that phones charge slowly on USB ports, you know the reason now. Sometimes, Windows […]

USB tethering not working on Windows 10 PC

If you are trying to share the internet from your Android mobile to your Windows 10 PC, but USB tethering is not working, then this post will help you. You may be able to connect your Android mobile to a […]

The device is not ready error while trying to connect USB Drive

External hard drives have become important for storing data. However, some users have reported the following error while trying to access a connected external hard drive – The device is not ready. This error prevents the user from accessing the […]

This device is currently in use – USB error on Windows 10

We use our external USB storage devices, peripherals, and a number of devices almost daily. Now when taking out the USB Storage devices, it is advised to use the Safely remove the USB Storage device option. This prevents data corruption […]

Fix Unknown USB Device error message on Windows 10

We all use a number of USB Devices every day. From plugging in our phones for charging to using our Pen Drives, we are making the use of USB Drives. But sometimes, a Windows computer throws an error of Unknown USB […]

USB keep disconnecting and reconnecting

USB keep disconnecting and reconnecting in Windows 10

If after you connect a USB device, it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting randomly on its own, then it could be a hardware or driver issue. The first need to make sure is to check the device works fine on another […]

How to fix USB-C problems on your Windows 10 computer

USB-C is becoming increasingly important in our lives, as almost every smartphone uses the technology for charging. Many computer makers are now deciding to add USB-C ports to their Windows 10 devices, so everything is looking peachy. Now, with an […]