USB Disk Security protects your computer from infected USB drives


  1. I had commented earlier that USB Disk Security is easily defeated. There’re even Youtube videos telling you how. Why was my post removed?

    I am reposting because potential users need to be made aware before they download/use/rely this faulty product.

  2. Disqus tends to do that to protect us. Sometimes though, Disqus gets a bit goofy or really slow. I still love using Disqus anyway and any time of the day or night. }:O)

  3. Totally agree, if I didn’t explain myself well, I really did mean that Disqus does try to protect all discussions and members. I also know that Disqus can be sometimes slow in showing our responses and that is either maintenance or sometimes a glitch within the system. I am so glad that Disqus and The Window Club does strive to protect it’s readers and their questions or observations. TWC does a great job!!! Thanks Andy.

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