Best free USB security software & antivirus for Windows PC

Do you know that malware can enter your PC through your USB drive? Yes, every time you connect a USB drive to your computer system, it is at a risk of getting a malware, and the reason could be the Autorun feature of Windows Operating System. This is why you need the USB security software. While a USB disk security software comes with many other features, the main function of this software is to protect your PC from all kind of viruses that can enter through the USB drive. The USB security software is actually a solution to many of your PC security concerns. In this post, we will learn about some best free USB security software & antivirus for Windows PC.

USB security software

Free USB security software & antivirus

When you connect a USB device to your PC, a USB security software automatically scans it to make sure that it does not bring any malware along. Let us take a look at some of them.

1] Autorun Deleter

It is a free program from TheWindowsClub, which disables and deletes the Autorun.inf virus. If you find that a removable media is infected with the autorun.inf virus, simply run this tool. It will delete the file and make a change in the Windows registry to ensure that it does not appear again.

2] Windows USB Blocker

block and unblock your USB portThis freeware actually blocks the USB drives of your PC thereby protecting it against the unwanted crapware. This portable tool comes in a size of 1 MB and prevents any unauthorized user to take sensitive data from your PC. The tool blocks only the USB storage devices and all your other USB devices like wireless, mouse etc will work fine.

3] BitDefender USB Immunizer Tool

This is a USB immune tool which immunizes both SD card as well as the USB storage devices against the unwanted crapware. The tool prevents the malware to run its autorun.inf file on your PC. You can, however, turn the autorun feature On or Off as per requirement. Remember that if you accidentally use any infected USB drive which has not been immunized, it may infect your PC.

4] Panda USB Vaccine

This tool as the name suggests is a utility which prevents the malware infections on your computer systems. The tool offers two types of vaccinations: USB Drive Vaccination and Computer Vaccination. This tool lets users disable the autorun feature completely on their PCs so that no malware can enter through the infected USB storage devices.

5] USB Secure Utilities

As the name suggests is an app which helps to protect your USB drive. It is a portable app which scans and disinfect your USB drive of viruses if any. The tool uses Apart from removing the malware, this tool also helps in secure backups and managing the files. It does three different kinds of analysis to detect and remove the malware from your USB device.

6] USB Safeguard

This portable tool lets a user lock any USB storage device and make it write-protected. It actually protects your data stored in the USB device and prevents data theft in case you misplace your storage device. Users can also password protect their storage device using USB Safeguard. It encrypts the data stored using the AES 256 bits encryption algorithm. There is also a Pro version of USB Safeguard available which offers some extra features.

7] KASHU USB Flash Security

This free tool helps you password protect your USB device. The tool encrypts all your data stored in the device using the AES 256-bit encryption. Before you encrypt your device, make sure to take the backup of your data. You need to download and install the tool on your PC. While it is a free tool but the free version works only up to 4GB USB devices.

8] USB Disabler

This is a simple yet powerful tool which helps a user to enable or disable their USB storage devices. Users can also password protect their USB devices and make them read-only devices where anyone can only read the contents stored in the device. Users can turn everything back to normal just by Resetting their USB device.

9] Phrozen Safe USB 

This tool helps you handle the USB drives in three different ways- the Fully operational mode which means the drive is open for all kind of usage, Read Only Mode which means the user can only read the contents of the USB device but cannot modify, copy or delete it. The third mode is the Disabled mode where the USB device is disabled completely and won’t even be detected on your Windows PC. The Disabled mode is a stealth mode and the user can turn it On or Off when required.

10] USB Disk Security

This free software includes the features like USB Shield which monitors your computer for any unwanted program like a virus, USB Scan which scans your USB device when plugged into the PC, password protect the device which encrypts the data stored in the device. Overall, it prevents Safe Web Navigation and Data Loss Prevention from your USB device.

This is our list of tools which can protect your USB drive from Virus and provide a better security solution. Go through the list and see which of them actually suits your needs and requirements.

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