NVIDIA Share not working or responding on Windows 10

NVIDIA is the market leader as a Graphics Card maker. They recently came up with a useful feature called NVIDIA Share. Using this feature, the user can carry out a number of tasks including recording, streaming and sharing their gameplay with others. It also allows them to take multiple snapshots of the gameplay which brings in capabilities to get the memories of the moments that happen during a great game.

However people using NVIDIA Share have reported that NVIDIA Share is not responding. If you face this issue, then this post may help you.

NVIDIA Share is not responding or working

To fix this error, we will be considering the following scenarios and will discuss the fixes related to the same:

  1. If you just updated the driver.
  2. If you did not make any changes to the driver.

1] If you just updated the driver

If you happen to have just updated the driver, there might be chances that the new installation did not take place properly or was corrupt.

The incompatibility between the Operating System and the Driver might also give rise to issues like this. So, you can try to Rollback the conflicting driver.

You can also check if there is another update available to your NVIDIA Drivers and check if that fixes your issues.

2] If you did not make any changes to the driver

In case you did not make any changes to the driver, then there might be chances that either your drivers are out of date or you have some issues with your installation.

First, you need to check if your NVIDIA drivers are up to date. If yes, then move to the next step.

Now, we need to disable the NVIDIA Share feature.

nvidia update Graphics Drivers

For that, first, open NVIDIA GeForce Experience by seatching for it in the Search Box.

Then, click on the little gear icon on the top right portion of NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Make sure you are on the General tab.

Then scroll down to the section of NVIDIA Share.

Select the toggle to turn this feature off.

Reboot your computer and check again if you have any updates for your NVIDIA Graphics Card. Now you can carry on and play your games as you want to.

In case you want to leverage the use of NVIDIA Share, just follow the same steps to enable it again.

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