Fix: Windows 10 Black Screen problems

If you are facing black screen problems in Windows 10, the following may help fix the issue. There are two different scenarios that we are going to talk about. The first is when you can log in to your computer and don’t get any display. The other scenario is when you can’t even sign into the computer and see a black screen. This post will show you how to resolve Windows 10 Blank or Black Screen problems after login – with or without the cursor, on boot.

Windows 10 Black Screen problems

Windows 10 Black Screen problems

Black Screen on boot before signing in

Check all your connections

Make sure that all your cables are inserted and fixed firmly; your display monitor is turned on, etc., physically.

Try to wake the device

Press the CapsLock or NumLock key to see if the status light above the key turns on. If you have a keyboard connected, press the Winke +Ctrl Shift+B. If you’re in tablet mode, simultaneously press the volume-up and volume-down buttons three times within 2 seconds.

If you are not able to sign in because of black screen problem in Windows 10, it could be a driver issue or the projection could be automatically set to a different device such as a second monitor or a TV. You will need Windows 10 Installation Media.

On a working computer, download and burn the Installation media to USB or DVD. Connect the media to problem computer, turn it off and boot using the installation media. When asked, select Repair This Computer. You will get a Select an option screen with options to continue to Windows 10, Shut down computer and Troubleshoot computer. Select Troubleshoot computer. Select Advanced Options. Click on Startup Settings and then on Restart. When the computer reboots, you will get some options. Press F5 or scroll to Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter to enter Safe Mode.

Check the Default Display

Once in the Safe mode, you have to check the different displays attached to the computer. Press Windows Key + P to bring up the display list (see image above). Try selecting options to move the display to other attached displays such as TV or a second monitor. If you select TV, make sure TV is connected and turned on. Check the TV to see if it is set to receive signals from your computer. If the TV shows display, correct the display by selecting the current computer monitor as default display in the listed devices when you press Windows Key with P.

PS: If pressing Windows Key + P does not bring up a sidebar, you can get it from Control Panel -> Display -> Project to a Second Screen.

Uninstall the Device Driver for Display and Auto-install

If the above does not work, boot again using the Installation media and go to the Safe mode. Uninstall the device driver for display using the steps 2.1 to 2.5 mentioned above.

You might want also to ensure that Windows 10 supports your graphics card.

Isolate Device causing problem

If there are more than one display drivers in Device Manager,

  1. Disable all of them except one.
  2. Reboot without installation media to see if the issue is fixed.
  3. If not, reboot with installation media and go to Safe Mode again.
  4. This time, disable the one that you left out earlier and enable another driver.
  5. Again reboot without installation media to see if that worked; This is called isolation of device driver; You simply enable one driver at a time and check if it worked until you find the driver that is causing problems.
  6. Once you find it, keep it disabled and contact the manufacturer of that device for updates.

Black screen after signing into Windows 10 PC

The other scenario we will talk is when you can log in and then the screen goes blank.

The first thing you want to try is to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and see if it brings up the Task Manager. If it does, great. Click on File > Run new task. Type explorer.exe and hit Enter. This worked for me once when I faced this issue.

If this does not work for you, unplug & remove all external devices and reboot. If you can get a display, it might mean that one of the external hardware is causing the problem. If that is the case, start plugging in external devices one by one until you lose display. Remove the last device you plugged in and see if you get the display back. If yes, don’t use that hardware device until you contact the device’s manufacturer. Check again with other external devices.

If removing external devices does not fix the issue, go to the Safe Mode. Since we assume that you are getting display until you sign in and not after you sign in, you will have to reboot your computer. At the lock screen, click on the power icon towards the bottom left of the display. While holding down SHIFT, click on RESTART. This will make your computer reboot. After the reboot, you are given some options – select Safe Mode with Networking mode. You can simply press F5 on the screen to enter safe mode.

If instead of a reboot, you are presented with a screen having three options: Continue to Windows 10; Troubleshoot; and Shutdown, click on Troubleshoot and then on Advanced. Then click on Startup Settings and then Restart. The option to enter Safe Mode will be presented when the computer reboots.

In Windows 10 Safe Mode:

1] See if the display is set to some other device. From Control Panel, select Display. In the left side of the Display window, select Project to a Second Display. A sidebar will appear towards the right and show you a list of displays connected to the computer (see image below). Check to see if the correct display is selected. If not, correct it. Else continue with troubleshooting blank screen problems in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Black Screen problems

2] We have to reinstall or rollback the Display Driver. Open Device Manager and remove the Display Driver.

  • Click on search bar and type “device manager” without quotes
  • From the list that appears, click on Update Device Drivers to bring on the Device Manager window
  • In the Device Manager window, locate and click to expand Display Adapters
  • Right click on the Display Adaptor Driver and click on Uninstall
  • Reboot to auto install the drivers again.

This should fix the issue of a black screen for you.

3] Close RunOnce processes. Open Task Manager. If you see a RunOnce32.exe or RunOnce.exe, stop the Process or Service.

Though a tedious process, the above should fix black screen problems in Windows 10.

PS: If you see a black screen with spinning dots after restarting your PC, then you need some process to complete. Once it is done, your PC will restart on its own.

Also read: Windows 10 stuck at login screen after an upgrade.

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  1. Jamies

    I’ll add to that:
    Black screen at power-up could be caused by Windows 10 downloading fixes.
    It could just be that the screen has died on you – – You see nothing flash on it at power-un

    Yep – I got used to the first, then experienced the second!
    – If you are lucky, your PC comes with a VGA or HDMI connection that will let you use a TV as a large screen

  2. Tom

    windows 10 — reading any page on the net screen will go black for 10 sec. and return at random. Why?

  3. David Larsen

    On my windows 10 tablet (full windows, not RT) I am getting a black screen at boot just before the login screen. If I move the mouse can see the cursor, and if I press FN+F8 I can see and toggle through the display options overlay (but all show up as black screen). There is no external display attached. It won’t boot from the recovery USB, and I cannot find a way to get into safe mode. This all happened right after installing a manufacturer provided audio driver =( Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  4. fermata

    I have to thank you for bailing me out of the mess that KB3097617 caused on my Win10 machine. I originally installed Win10 about 6 weeks ago. 3 weeks into it, I kept getting a black screen with “no input signal” message but a reboot fixed it. I updated the display driver and it went away. Then 3 days ago I took the KB3097617 update and had the “not signed in and black screen issues” that you describe above. I followed your instructions, disabled and auto-installed the display driver and now things are back to normal. Thanks so much for your great advice.

  5. OnePunch

    Looking at the events black screen for was caused by dwm.exe crashing. Most of the crashes did coincide with cortana crashing before dwm.exe.

  6. KnightDWF

    If I go into My laptop’s Diagnostic mode, the screen works, but If I reboot it it goes black before the login screen. It may have failed (originally gone black) when it went to sleep but its not waking back up even after several reboots, the laptop diagnostics say the hardware itself is working.

    I hear the windows sound that plays when it goes to the login screen. I’m thinking somehow the video driver got corrupted.

  7. KnightDWF

    It sounds to me like a video driver crashing and resetting, that’s what my Desktop does occasionally.

  8. mogune

    Ok. Start new task -> explorer.exe worked. Thanks.

  9. mowglie

    just before the login screen, black screen with no mouse cursor appears. I had to uninstall both the display drivers to make this error go away.But, this was a big compromise. So, I found another way. Though annoying at first, you get used to press the power button after the startup sound. this will make the pc go to sleep. Now wake it up & ta da, login screen appears. Reply if there is some other get round to this issue…Windows 10 is a hurried product from microsoft..

  10. Kaprice Garcia

    on my windows 10 tablet, its just a black screen. The only time it comes on is when i hold the power button to turn it off and it says swipe down to turn off blah blah… so i do that and nothing happens.It wont turn off, i cant see anything, i have no other devices connected to it… so i don’t get what the problem is

  11. Just did the above fix for a black screen after sign in but it didn’t fix anything. Please help! Everything I use on a daily basis is on that laptop. So wish I never did that “upgrade”!

  12. Arun Kumar

    Check out the method to gt into Safe Mode. From there, go to power options in Control Panel and turn off Fast Boot. That should fix the issue.

  13. Alice Ltda.

    This was the only way it worked for me!!! Thank you!
    I have a Sony Vaio and didn’t see that it doesn’t support Windows 10. So anyone who has a sony vaio: be carefull before installing Windows 10. At sony’s website there’s a way to confirm if your model is compatible with windows 10 😉
    I’ve never missed windows 7 this much

  14. Ayele

    I have upgraded my dell laptop from windows 7 ultimate to windows 10. But unfortunately I have found my PC stack. In addition, I have downgraded my PC back and the PCstarted booting and stopped at showing pointing arrow on black screen.

  15. nate

    I have this problem but only when i hook my desk top up to a TV. using ether an HDMI or dvi to HDMI adapter cable. When using a standard PC monitor windows starts up fine? It sometimes goes past the login screen but then once windows home page loads nothing is usable and sometimes it just goes black screen before logging in. I do have a moving mouse cursor. I am at work now and have not had time to try the above method.

  16. Bobbie

    Hello guys , I got a really disgusting black screen I’ll explain , so after the loading screen it comes the screen with the user password or fingerprint i’m typing my password entering on the home screen a.ka (desktop) and everything is fine , BUT only for few seconds when the programs and application starts loading i’m getting black screen , I’ve tried everything .. And nothing helps 🙁

  17. Bobbie

    Hello guys , I got a really disgusting black screen I’ll explain , so after the loading screen it comes the screen with the user password or fingerprint i’m typing my password entering on the home screen a.ka (desktop) and everything is fine , BUT only for few seconds when the programs and application starts loading i’m getting black screen , I’ve tried everything .. And nothing 🙁

  18. surbhi

    same here…

  19. Stephen Holmes

    I had the problem where I could sign in to the computer, but then got the black screen with just a cursor.
    To log in, at the black screen, I would have to enter control/alt/del then select sign out, then I would sign back in again, and the computer would log in as normal and I get the normal desktop screen. It wasnt a big deal to me to have to sign in twice in order to get the desktop screen, but I thought I would investigate this further.
    I tried the following:-
    Checked that I was using the main laptop screen in settings.
    Upgraded to the latest graphics driver, my machine is an HP Pavillion which I bought 2 weeks ago.
    Tried running Task Manager (by enterering Control alt del.) then entering explorer.exe as a new task.

    None of these made a difference. However try this simple fix:-
    Once in the desktop screen, I turned the screen resolution down to 800×600 and selected save.
    I then rebooted and signed in as normal and this time I did not get the black screen with cursor, I got the desktop screen as I should. Once in the desktop screen I changed the resolution setting back to the normal setting (ie highest).
    I then restarted the computer, signed in, and got the desktop screen as I should, ie no black screen.
    Hope this works for you.

  20. Tonmoy Biswas Joy

    help me please
    when i turn on my laptop then i use my password
    its open but black screen . only i see my mouse
    what i do?
    please help me

  21. Alialias3

    With my NUC I had no display at all on the standard HDMI port but, as I had configured automatic logon, I heard on my headphone connected to audio in and out, the welcome tune of win 10 when started. Butt still no display on the HDMI-out. After shutdown I connected ALSO the mini-display port and started again. Got everything I wanted of display but now on the minidisplay port(sees this apparently as primary display!!). Still nothing on HDMI out. So nothing wrong further only windows changed the display output from HDMI to minidisplay port. BE WARNED11.

  22. Maribeth Huggles

    same here its sickening. if windows 10 is the culprit which seems to be they need a new update to fix their own end of problems it causes

  23. Charles Cawlishaw

    Freaking windows 10 has frozen. I can login into my Computer that’s it. After that it stays blank, nothing on the bottom just blank. Tried restarting without closing it down properly because I can’t. This usually puts it into repair mode after 2 times but of course it is not working. Just goes back to normal (blank screen). There is a security app that pops up. But only the top link appears then I get the black background with . Can anybody help me.

  24. Charles Cawlishaw

    I got the same problem. We’re u able to find a solution.

    Freaking windows 10 has frozen. I can login into my Computer that’s it. After that it stays blank, nothing on the bottom just blank. Tried restarting without closing it down properly because I can’t. This usually puts it into repair mode after 2 times but of course it is not working. Just goes back to normal (blank screen). There is a security app that pops up. But only the top link appears then I get the black background with . Can anybody help me.

  25. kaz

    I was watching a dvd on the laptop and the scean went black tryed the ctrl ant del and rest artist but nothing as worked any ideas anyone ?

  26. Dharmendra Trivedi

    Dear Friend, after the Windows update I faced this Problem and the First Tip U gave didn’t work but the advise of going in Safe Mode wrked real Good. Thanks Man and U saved me almost Rs. 1000/- . . . I Promise to give U a Treat worth that if U by chance happen to be in Gujarat. Dharmendra Trivedi : 09978405967

  27. Thank you. Glad I am able to assist. Will sure give you a call when in Gujarat. 🙂

  28. Phil Pugh

    haveing trouble with laptop running very very slow after upgrade by windows 10 on 18th jan , also it causes black screen then can do any thing ,have remove video driver ,and useing basic driver still the same

  29. Tonmoy Biswas Joy

    but my display is ok

  30. Savio Dsouza

    Thank you thank you thank you. . And this coming from a technologically challenged person..

  31. Heikki Polojärvi

    I encounterd a blackscreen upgrading my HP pavilion 17 to windows 10 a
    while ago. i suspect, but cannot be certain, that the issue was not
    there to begin with, because I had read reviews about the problem and
    therefore kind of anticipated it. If it would have occurred right away
    after the update I would have noticed.

    Anyway, as i had the black screen I put the computer into power saving
    mode, once returning from it the computer worked normally. Somewhere
    along the bootup trouble I checked the screen with a flashlight, and
    there was an image, only the lights were off. Onwards, with advice from
    HP support I found out that booting the computer without the charger
    worked ok, albeit with a dim screen. Some musing on the problem and I
    found out that if you find your mouse cursor with a flashlight and turn
    your screen brightness from 100 to 0%, the screen returns to full
    brightness. from there on, 25, 50 etc the screen grows gradually dimmer
    until in 100% it turns completely black. Without the charger plugged in
    the same happens, but less pronounced, even with 100% brightness the
    screen doesn’t turn completely black.

    So, the problem is that screen brightness settings are, for some reason, inverted.

  32. Heikki Polojärvi

    Same here.. take a look above

  33. RoyF

    Everybody gives this same advice for this problem, but it’s useless for me. When booting to the hard drive I get nothing but a black screen. When I boot with installation media, I get a blue window icon with some swirling dots for about 5 minutes, then a black screen. There’s never any sound at all.

  34. Adrien

    After upgrated to windows 10 it worked well but when i did restart i got a black screen and there is no boot option, i can’t access bios, i did a lot of things but nothing help only a black screen! What should i do/

  35. Jessica Welch

    I downloaded the Windows 10 installation media on USB drive. I turned everything off, put the drive in and turned on the computer. But I don’t get anything. Nothing at all comes up.

  36. Addler

    I have black screen problem with interesting nature.

    I have two accounts in my Windows 8.1, let’s say admin and suzuki. Suzuki do not have password.
    Then I upgraded to Windows 10. It successfully upgraded after 30 min.

    Login screen appear with nice Win 10 style. I log into admin, with password. Then it only shows black screen with cursor. Only ctrl+alt+del work, but task manager cannot be shown. Tried the Windows+P trick to force the possibly dual screen mode into normal mode. The same.

    I login into suzuki, no problem. Nice Win 10 welcomes me. Yuhuu… But! All important programs is in the admin account, so I need the admin account!

    I also tried to remove display driver. I log into suzuki, remove it using device manager, and it becomes 800×600 resolution. I logout from suzuki and then login to admin. The same.

    I then restart to safe mode, welcomed by welcome screen, and log in to admin. The same. Black, forever. Safe mode with network? The same. Other mode? The same.

    I then revert to Win 8.1 again, takes longer than upgrading. Remove all unnecessary start up program in admin account, also dubious driver. And then upgrading again. Guess what? It`s the same.

    I now lost all hope. If you have any idea, you will be my angel.

  37. carl0ski

    I have HP 6200 series PC
    Windows 10 reboot would cause PC to hang before BIOS
    Fans to spin violently.

    I could only reset bios with switchs and battery

    I needed to download a BIOS version from HP

  38. Jackie Chabot

    Why do we have to find solutions for this??? No problems with sign in or after. Computer runs fine. New computer with Windows 10 installed (not upgraded). After a few hours or close lid, then bang! Reboot time. Tried some of these solutions and doesn’t help. Why can’t Microsoft sort this out. I’m sure they know what’s going on without us having to mess with it. Other computer has Windows 7 and never, never have any problems with it.

  39. Moltres_rider

    What to do if I log in, it is black, cannot ctrl alt del because it it a touch screen tablet, and it goes to a black screen EVEN IN safe mode 🙁

  40. Murad Ali

    My computer was working super fine with window 10 almost 6 months. Today while it was in use it went black suddenly. I removed the battery reinstall switched on but nothing. Again removed the battery pressed the power button for almost 2 minutes. But nothing. Repeat the process. Wait half an hour tried again but nothing. The fan is running but the screen is totally black. Any solution please. Thanks

  41. mike makki

    i have a complete black screen when i turn on the pc….nothing i a mean nothing just black screen…i see everything working ,the fans,LED display card is on……cpu fan on etc….yet a complete black screen ….i am completely beaten by this…i rest the bios…took it out put it back …nothing …a complete black screen……anyone can help with this???

  42. KEN

    I had a black screen problem. Just go to Device manager for the monitor and update your device driver for the monitor!!!

  43. Ed Newbold

    After running Windows 10 Home version for two months, a couple of days ago I suddenly found myself with the dreaded Windows 10 Black Screen (with pointer) staring me in the face. After trying nearly all of the recommended solutions I found on the web, the only one that worked for me was a restoration from a Restore Point. I discovered that the “Critical July 14th MS Patch/Update” was what caused my system to fail. After restoring to the point just in front of that update, all returned to normal. From now on I will install any/all “updates” from MS manually; never automatically again!

    To get to the System Restore, at the black screen I did a Ctrl-Alt-Del and selected Task Manager. Then, in Task Manager I ran File | Run a New Task | Control Panel. Once Control Panel opened, I navigated to the System Restore options and did the restoration.

    Ed in Columbus, OH

  44. Tayvl

    First day of Windows 10, random black screen unrecoverable. Had to reset boot. Stable my ass…

  45. ZoxQ

    I am not able to get to the startup settings

  46. Merig Oround

    After screen goes off (timeout) it will not come back again.This is just today’s annoyance. Yesterday, W10 decided to delete some of my programs that worked fine the day before. Who asked them to f*** with my computer?

    Every bloody time Windows 10 updates I get hours of misery trying to fix issues. Suggestions like “disable your graphics card” are laughable. All of my hardware is new and approved.

  47. Merig Oround

    I have many PC’s and every one of them has problems with W10’s update system. Seems like every update screws up something that used to work perfectly. The answer?

    Go back to Windows 7 – that OS works. W10 doesn’t.

  48. Nashville Jam

    Windows so totally blows. MS-DOS was OK. Of course MS kind of bought that from someone else. Been downhill ever since.

  49. Rosie

    Wow followed your very first instruction…instant fix !! Many many Thanks

  50. richie Ghallagher

    thank you so much , it worked to me ,,i’ve tried the first option and it surprisingly got repaired !! thanks !!

  51. 'Tis Moi

    There was NO REASON for Microstuft to remove the ability to enter safe mode via F8– NONE! This is the biggest crock of sh*t they’ve ever pulled (& that’s saying a lot).

  52. Crippled by UK State goons

    I discovered by accident today, in the Bios (Asus Windows 8 >> Win10 laptop) is a setting which if enabled TELLS YOU that the setting RISKS GIVING YOU a Black Screen where you PC CANNOT WAKE from Hibernate.
    You want more details, just ask.
    I pressed Delete F2 during start and got to BIOS, and had a look around.
    No more black screen after weeks of FRUSTRATION.
    Stupid microsnot.

  53. Stoyka

    Just before the login screen, I have black screen with no mouse cursor appears. I found another way- Press F1 during the boot and enter in the BIOS and just exit with ESC -I have login screen appears.

  54. me

    guys there is a way to fix this !!!

    1. go to a different computer and download windows 10 media creation tool from Microsoft
    2. follow the setup and install it into a usb
    3. plug it into your computer and tur it on
    4. as soon as you press your power button spam f8 to enter bios startup
    5. go to the boot section using the arrow keys and in the boot priority section set your usb as the first bootable drive
    6. when they ask you if you want to continue upgrade or clean install (so select no)
    7. when you select no a purple screen will pop up select repair pc in the bottom left corner
    8. the select trouble shoot and then select startup repair
    9. this will diagnose and fix your pc 🙂 (note this will take 10-30mins to fix)

  55. AYESH

    can somebody please assist me my laptop is giving me a blue screen

  56. AYESH

    when i switch my laptop on it says diagnossing repairs and then it says attempting repairs after a while i recieve a note reading automatic repair and automatic repair couldnt repair your pc

  57. Tylah ??

    Omfg thank you so much ??

  58. Sourav

    I have tried everything bt still after login I m facing blank screen wth cursor so any suggestions what can be done?

  59. haroldmalcolm

    Try starting up…says preparing automatic repair then go to black screen with cursor. I have done everything here and more..nothing…removed battery..from hp..power cord…also turn off three times when i see windows… logo and p…nothing..

  60. Mathieu Couture

    Is there a fix instead of executing explorer.exe at all the boot-up of my computer?

  61. Katrín Smári Ólafsdóttir

    all off a sudden – this morning my second screen claims that it is not connected – the driver and everything is ok – but they tell me to plug it in!!

  62. Swathi

    I don’t even get a login screen. Pls help.

  63. Use Installation Media or Rescue Disk to boot and see if that works.

  64. Robyn Oswood

    I was already logged in. A program was not responding, so I hit ctrl+alt+del to open task manager and end the process, but no task manager came up, my screen went black. I have a cursor that I can move, but I can’t click on anything.

  65. Cyrus

    okay so when I boot up my computer, it’s a black screen with 3 options; F1 to retry boot (that attempts to happen and fails), F2 for setup utility, and F5 to run onboard diagnostics and I have no idea what to do please help!

  66. What if you cannot boot into Safe Mode?

  67. AFRIDI

    Thanks a lot

  68. Edan Shields

    I tried starting up in ‘safe mode with networking’, should safe mode have a black background? I can see my cursor, some safemode text and taskbar and nothing more, no icons or anything. Whenever i hover over my taskbar, my cursor changes to the “busy cursor”. If i try to click anywhere on the taskbar it says “microsoft windows: this application is not responding…” And i get ‘end process’ and ‘cancel’ buttons but the end process button just quickly reboots the taskbar. Im stuck 🙁

  69. xShadowmasterov

    So what if you’re not an admin?

  70. Ed Oralce

    I tried all those mentioned but did not worked. But mostly I observed the mentioning of display driver. What I did was I uninstalled display driver then reboot. I worked.

  71. Moh Moss

    My problem is : once i boot the computer, i get just a black screen , that lasts for over 2 hours, till the login page appears, which allows me to use the computer, normally, but during the period when it’s black screen i can’t access no bios or safe mode???? Help please. VGA cable is fine, tried monitor on other computer , worked fine. also tried about 6 or 7 fixes from the net , reinstalled windows, but none of them worked.,

  72. Anders Hofsten

    So what do you do if you have a blank screen (with a cursor and one of those thinking circles when touching your mouse) and that refuses to go anywhere, nor start in safe mode, nor connect to another screen?

    Because that’s what I’m having. A bricked laptop with a fan spinning extra fast because it is doing.. well.. something anyways. Great update, microsoft. Thanks. I have a deadline in 5 days.

  73. Sherri Bauer

    I was able to follow the instructions until I reached safe mode. The it is still just a black screen and pointer keeps spinning. If I try to click on anything the screen turns gray and I get an error that says “The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait.” If I end process it goes back to a black screen and does nothing.? Need help!

  74. Syed Hoor Ul Ain

    Thank you sooooooo much. Thank you.

  75. Chanette Henry

    Thank you Aron kumar your instructions worked my computer is back on

  76. Thunder Palmer

    My screen goes black every time a program doesn’t respond. The whole screen goes black and prevents me from selecting the window of the program I want to use. The only window that doesn’t go black is the one I’m currently using if I’m lucky enough to be on another program before it happens. It usually goes away after a few seconds or so, but sometimes it can last hours if a program like Gimp is open, Gimp of course being known to hang for hours when not responding. It’s really annoying.

  77. James Rodriguez

    Tried uninstalling the display driver. Didn’t work. Please help

  78. Stephent Tj

    hello, before we begin this bad story, im so sorry for my bad english,

    so the story begins when i playing games and it crash and sometimes it goes to blue screen of death and the computer restart it self. but when the windows logo appear, there is some text saying ” Repairing” when it finish the screen goes blue and there is text saying that it failed to repair. so i press the restart button and the pc goes normal but the next day the audio is missing, the audio icon show Red X. So i followed some guide on the internet to reinstall the audio driver and then it need reboot and the screen goes black after the windows logo. just like that, i already wait a couple of hours and still the same.

    And i tried to do all the tricks that people tried on the internet like :

    – unplug all the cable and tried to turn it on again,

    – Scan with antivirus and there is no virus,

    – Scan CC cleaner only some potentially unused program,

    – use SFC /scannow and its failed,

    – Use Command Chkdsk /F /R /X on my drive and i said no problem.

    – then i use startup repair but its failed to repair,

    – reset PC but failed,

    – boot into safemode,

    – recovery environment,

    – go to previous version,

    – recovery with image,

    all of the option on blue screen is not helping, i tried all of them and none of them works. the only thing that i can access is the bios and blue screen win10. and the last option is to reinstall my windows from bootable usb, im still working on it. so what im trying to say is ” what is wrong with my computer?” is my hdd is corrupter? or my motherboard is broken? or my OS is the problem? or i just my display driver? Please i need some help!

    OS Windows 10 64bit

    Processor intel i3-7100
    motherboard MSI 150M bazooka

    VGA NVDIA GTX 1060 3GB

    RAM 8GB

    Seagate 1TB

  79. It seems more like a problem with system files. Reinstalling Windows should fix it. It is the OS files that need to be replaced. No issues with HDD or motherboard.

  80. Stephent Tj

    thanks for the reply mr.kumar, i really appriciate that. i will try to reinstall it.

  81. Andrew Hartery

    The safe mode uninstall video driver works . However I have to do this everytime I boot up my machine. Any recommendations to avoid this?

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