Troubleshoot: Black Screen after reboot on Welcome Screen

At times, when you boot your Windows system, you may reach up to the Welcome screen, but then it stays blank. While there are a lot of fixes being posted, the one I am posting now is the one which worked for me and a few people I helped.

Windows PC boots to Blank or Black Screen

Step 1:

First step I recommend is to run the Startup Repair because it’s used to fix boot issues. It would check the consistency of files required to boot like Boot Manager, etc.

Step 2:

If Startup Repair fails then the next step is run System File Checker. I know your system won’t boot but you could run from Recovery Tools. You may follow this tutorial I have posted on my blog, till Step 6.

Click on “Command Prompt” and run SFC /SCANNOW.

Step 3:

If this does not help, then we have to Restore MBR. Sometimes a bad MBR can cause the system not to boot. We will have to use the Bootrec.exe Tool.

If you have further issues then post a thread in our forum we’ll be happy to help you.

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  1. GuyinVictoria

    Why can’t I find “System Recovery Options” ? I have tried F8 but not such screenshot as the one above. I’m running an Acer laptop pre-installed Win7.
    No disc. I’ve typed System Recovery in search but nothing ? Should I look elsewhere.

  2. GuyinVictoria

    Hey ShyamS@TWC… Thank you so much.. you made my day.. & I always look forward to the interesting & informative articles on TWC.


  3. Your welcome Guy … 🙂

  4. A gift for all computer users

  5. Guest

    Here you go:

    Just burn the ISO to a disc and you can boot from it. The only thing you cannot do is claim it as your own without a purchased serial number, but you can use it to fix your already installed WIN7 OS.

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