Microsoft Software Recovery website lets you create Windows 7 installation DVD


  1. Brilliant! Just what I’ve been looking for, Anand. Thanks a million. Please note that your download link to the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool returns the following error “404 – File or directory not found”.

  2. Does the new Microsoft webpage provide the ISO file for Windows 7 RTM itself, or also providing the Win 7 SP1 & Win 7 SP-U (media refresh) options as well ?

    If all 3 versions is provided, how does downloading these from MS’s webpage differ from doing so at DigitalRiver ?
    • Is the download faster via MS ?
    • Or does verifying the product key online serve to “pre-activate” the ISO file, so that we don’t have to activate the installed Windows subsequently ?

    Also, for users of OEM computers, is the (pre-activated) Windows OEM product key accepted for online verification required by MS for ISO download, or must we supply the (non-activated) product key as indicated on the CoA sticker ?

    On a related note, does Microsoft or its partners provide WIn 7 SP2 (or even SP3), so that we don’t have to spend hours downloading & installing 200++ nos. of Windows Updates after OS installation ?

  3. Supposing we have downloaded & extracted the Windows installtion ISO file to D partition (non-system partition) … Is it possible to run setup.exe from D partition, format C partition via the Windows installation GUI, & then reinstall Windows 7 to the C partition of the same harddisk ?

    PS: How come the DIsqus post button is missing throughout The Windows Club ? The only way I can post a comment here is indirectly via the following link, which becomes accessible only after someone else had posted a 1st comment:

  4. Click in Join the discussion box. The Name box appears, Then click in the name box and the Email and Password boxes appear, along with the I’d rather post as guest checkbox. This lets you post comments on this site itself.

    Is there something else you are trying to say?

    The Enable Media Attachments option is disabled however.

  5. i have a pre-installed version of windows 7 64 bit home + sp1 sold with my computer (so it’s an original one, not a hacked one), but doesn’t work for me because of that ! in france computers are less and less sold with windows on cd’s or dvds so the windows’s site told me that i can’t do that ! grrrrrr

  6. I’m just wondering why TWC doesn’t recognize my Disqus login. I’m aware of the alternate name & email address boxes, but I suppose posting using this channel won’t save the comment in Disqus for easier reference. Well, nevermind … maybe it would resolve itself.

    My actual qns about the Windows 7 ISO are as described in my 2 earlier comments here.

  7. Thanks for the info, saves OEM Windows users like us from wasting our time trying to download something that Microsoft doesn’t want to give us. Seems that if we purchase Windows that come pre-installed in laptops/desktops, we aren’t really legitimate users !

    In which case, no choice but to download the ISO file (choose the latest Win 7 SP1-U) provided by Digital River, Microsoft’s retail partner:

    No need to provide the product key upfront. Windows can be activated after installation via phone using the product key shown on the CoA sticker; or using the “Activation Backup and Restore” utility to restore the pre-activated OEM product key after Windows is installed:

  8. omg thanks for the info ! in france, resellers have to sell a copy of windows even if this is pre-installed, this is a law fact ! but in reality resellers never do it ! grrr as you say, we look like not legitimate users by microsoft ! that’s a shame !

  9. Besides the WIn 7 Retail DVD (Home Premium: green packaging, Professional:blue packaging), note that commercial retailers also directly sell the Win 7 OEM DVD (orange packaging) at a cheaper price to home users.

    As such, instead of a generic statement like “Microsoft [Windows] purchased through a retailer”, it would helpful if both the TWC article & the Microsoft Software Recovery (Win 7) webpage can emphasize that:-

    1) The download service is only available to users who used the Retail DVD version of Win 7. It requires users to supply the Win 7 Retail DVD product key upfront.

    2) The following product codes are not accepted by Microsoft:
    • OEM product key at the back of the Win 7 OEM DVD casing
    • OEM product key for Win 7 that came pre-installed in the computer
    • Technet subscription activation code
    • etc. etc.

  10. I finally got it to work but it seems my key is for the signature edition is Finnish.. I’m US and got it for testing 7 back then. Not sure what the deal is with it. but it would tell me that my key was not available with the language I selected, English.
    On a whim, I started trying other languages and for some reason Finnish worked. I get Win_7_Ult_Finnish_x64.. I mounted the iso and what is there is in English but I have yet to try an install. I broke my original disk awhile back and I’m not even sure I will install it again since I have moved on to 8.1 but wanted it regardless. If anything I can use it later on for an upgrade to 10.. But I would like to have it in English..
    All I can figure is they sent me a Finnish copy of the OS although it makes little sense considering I am in the US and all my Microsoft stuff is US. Log-ins, tech account and such.

  11. It would appear that there are some problems from the site as I found out today from a poster on my help thread at the Microsoft community site. I found and confirmed that there is a good U.S. copy of the iso on another site that can be used. It is a clean win7ult.

    My thread.

    and this is the site with clean iso’s

  12. It doesn’t seem to work. I enter my key and it is verifinig it and than goes right back to the page where I typed the key. I tried random key and it sais it’s wrong.
    Anyone can help me with that?

  13. I had a similar experience, as the site tells me my license key is associated with the Korean-language version of Windows 7. I’m baffled as to why, as all my Microsoft software is in English.

    I’m attempting to go through Microsoft’s Supplemental Parts team to see if they can help me. Their phone number in the US is (800) 360-7561.

  14. There is a problem with the recovery site and the languages are scrambled for some reason. They are aware of the problem and should have it sorted before to long.

    As for the build you will get, it will be the latest SP build and the site is only for stand alone versions and not oem. So if it’s just a label on a pc you will not be able to get an ISO. To secure an oem version you will need to contact the manufacturer.

    For those looking to get a valid ISO now I did locate one site with legit versions.

    That is the version I have but they have other versions as well there. As far as I know they are good copies but I have not verified that via hashes or anything.

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  16. I also had a similar experience. Couldn’t get it to work in English, but I did manage to get Spanish to work, but that doesn’t really help. I spent 3 hours on the phone talking to 6 different people and got nowhere, one of them actually had the gall to try and sell me a $150 service package to fix the problem. At that point I started yelling and cursing at them, the only satisfying part of the whole experience. You want me to pay you for something I already own because your website is broken???? I guess it’s not too surprising and it’s one of the reasons I no longer use Microsoft products if I can help it.
    Apparently this problem has existed for at least a month and MS is neither acknowledging the issue nor doing anything about it. They won’t help you get the image you need either.

  17. Assume that’s why my retail ultimate key doesn’t work.. So much for buying the most expensive pack at the time. 😐

    Regardless, downloaded my iso from torrent page. Since I own a legit key for it, might as well if MS pge is as f’ed up as the whole company seems to be.

  18. What benefit do I have if i have an pre-installed Windows Pro Key. Mircosoft does not support this in a time where u can create a Linux bootable USB in 5 minutes. This realy pisses me of. I would never give money for this OS.

  19. Hi, I have the same problem. Did you happen to find any solution to this?

  20. Thanks a lot , i download the windows 8.1 , it works fine. But it’s trail version , you could search &&windows 8.1 key sale&& on bing to get activated code ,it’s easy .

  21. Anyone else having issues with this? When I click on the Create media button, I get a 404 error.

  22. I wasnt able to download the windows 7 software recovery iso even with a valid key pls halp

  23. Im getting a 502 error: “web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.”

  24. To clarify: when I click on the Software Recovery website, I get the 502 error. Does anyone else have this problem?

  25. It’s still a problem, I get offered multiple languages from Arabic to Ukrainian, but no English (United States).

  26. It only lets me download in Korean. What the hell I have been using this windows 7 in english for 6 years. Yet windows 10 iso has no problem. I am switching to mac I am tired of all the microsoft bs. I googled and everyone has this problem who downloaded a digital copy on release. Way to reward your day one customers.

  27. I have installed Win10, which was the worst idea ever, and want to go back to Win 7, but unfortunately I erased windows.old. I have Win 7 pre-installed x86 Home Premium. What should I do? How do I get back to Win 7?

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