Manage & secure your USB Drive with USB Security Utilities

USB Security Utilities is a freeware portable USB security software which will vaccinate & disinfect your USB drive. It also helps you manage files and make backups. It includes a virus scanner, file backup, suspicious file seeker, vaccine or device immunization function.

USB Security Utilities

USB Security Utilities is a lightweight utility can help you to maximize the security of the data in your portable memory drive,  such as USB sticks, portable hard drives, memory cards, etc, by handling various functions in one single window.


  • Allows you to view device information, such as total size, used space and file system, and can change the label of your drive.
  • It can search malware with 3 kinds of analysis: standard (based on virus signatures), generic and New Technology, which looks for executables based on a series of attributes.
  • Allows to immunize folders of common malware, like RECYCLER, MsoCache and ice, also the Autorun.inf, giving a better protection against other software, like Panda Vaccine.
  • It can explore the files on the device, and in base of the attributes it can give a risk level.
  • Makes backups of your files, and later it can restore them.

The installer will simply extract the portable .exe file to the folder destination of your choice.

The first thing you will have to do is to click on Configuration tab and change the language from the default Spanish to English.

USB Security Utilities can be downloaded here. It is a pretty interesting tool which you might want to check out.

Works just fine on Windows 10 and Windows 8/7 too!

BitDefender USB Immunizer Tool, USB Safeguard, Phrozen Safe USBKASHU USB Flash Security, USB Disk Ejector, and USB Disabler are other related freeware that you may want to check out.

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  1. from what i see in the screenshot, it needs .net framework..
    does it?

  2. mithi

    cool software but it is in different language
    what should i do

  3. max

    I downloaded the USB Security file and everything worked OK, however,
    after I used a Virus scan and told it to leave a report (notepad) my
    anti-virus (Microsoft Security Essentials) popped up that a virus

    Trojan:Win32/Bumat!rts was in that file. It did delete it, I am only
    wanting to make you aware that something may not be right.

    I did prior to opening the zip file run both a Microsoft Security Essential scan and a Immunet (Cloud anti-virus scan) and it did not
    detect anything. this detection only appeared when trying to save a
    log after a scan… thanks you have a great website

  4. VasuJ@TWC

    Thanks.. i need this one badly.. all my usb drives , hdd’s are damged in office due to viruses. Hope this will fix up the things .

  5. vhick

    Very interesting. I see many function for free..

    Thank you…

  6. JCF

    I have Security Essentials and did not detected anything strange Max.

  7. William Berzoff

    Nice tool ! The fact that MSE may say there’s a virus in it is probably because it has an anti-virus scanner in it and therefor also has virus definitions that it needs. MSE thinks they’re real viruses and sounds the alarms.

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