Manage & secure your USB Drive with USB Security Utilities


  1. I downloaded the USB Security file and everything worked OK, however,
    after I used a Virus scan and told it to leave a report (notepad) my
    anti-virus (Microsoft Security Essentials) popped up that a virus

    Trojan:Win32/Bumat!rts was in that file. It did delete it, I am only
    wanting to make you aware that something may not be right.

    I did prior to opening the zip file run both a Microsoft Security Essential scan and a Immunet (Cloud anti-virus scan) and it did not
    detect anything. this detection only appeared when trying to save a
    log after a scan… thanks you have a great website

  2. Thanks.. i need this one badly.. all my usb drives , hdd’s are damged in office due to viruses. Hope this will fix up the things .

  3. Nice tool ! The fact that MSE may say there’s a virus in it is probably because it has an anti-virus scanner in it and therefor also has virus definitions that it needs. MSE thinks they’re real viruses and sounds the alarms.

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